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The law firm of was started with one goal in mind: to centralize the asset management-REO process as a vehicle to maximize our clients' money and minimize time. With today's compartmentalization and decentralization of the real estate asset market, a law firm that has a real estate company, property preservation company and licensed appraisers on staff is now invaluable. The law firm of is the most efficient avenue for managing assets and costs for our clients. Prior to attending law school, Thomas A.Sirianni initiated loans for several mortgage brokers and banks. This experience, combined with his legal knowledge, has given him a clear understanding of the importance of the role of the closing attorney as one of the key operators in the loan process. During law school, Thomas A. Sirriani continued to work in the real estate field, focusing exclusively on real estate closings, often with real estate attorneys with 40-plus years of experience. Upon beginning his own practice, Mr. Sirianni continues to represent clients at closings from all perspectives: buyers', sellers' and banks'.Thomas A. Sirriani has been in the mortgage/banking business for the past 20 years, currently as an attorney and owner of a law firm that concentrates in REOs and asset management.
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