Diane Denniston

Diane Denniston, Attorney at Law-

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Solo attorney with over 14 years experience focusing on consumer problems -- bankruptcy, defending debtors from creditors/ collection agencies, wills, traffic, DUI/DWI and lesser criminal charges. Diane and her team members focus on helping our clients have a better life, particularly when it comes to handling money in responsible ways. For example, if a bankruptcy is required, we take the time (often 3 hours) to meet with the client to get the required information. (Other attorneys hand the client a blank bankruptcy petition, expecting the client to not only understand what the specialized terms mean, but to put the critical information in the right place and format.) We hold our clients' hands throughout the process. We know that not knowing exactly how things will work out can be very scary. Diane also closely analyzes the income and expenses with the Debtor to ensure that the Debtor's future financial life will be much better than the past.
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