Uh Oh I’ve Been Arrested

So, you’ve been arrested, what in God’s name should you do next? One thing for sure, do not talk to the police. I’ll repeat, do not talk to the police. Also, you will need to get an attorney as fast as possible. I know after 9/11, there is now this warm fuzzy feeling about the police. But remember, nothing has changed. The police are still the police. The main job of the police is to catch bad guys or gals. Thus they will do almost anything to make an arrest stick. I know as a criminal defense attorney I am jaded, but I am speaking out of first hand experience. Nothing good comes from talking to the police without an attorney present. What you say can and will be used against you!

Once you are arrested police officers go into a routine of trying to trap you. They are notorious for questions like: do you want to talk about it? Or even worse telling you there is no need for you to get a lawyer. They may also go into a good cop- bad cop routine. Give them credit in this area. Police officers are masters in obtaining statements, and then twisting the words against you. They will play on your fear. Give your name, rank and serial number. Nothing more. Also, take a lesson from the Zen-Master himself, Los Angeles Laker coach Phil Jackson. Stay cool and calm. Do not allow your emotions to take over. Do not try to explain anything. Talking to the police is like trying to get out of quick sand, the harder you try, the deeper you will sink. You are very likely to blurt something out that could potentially harm your case. As they say, ‘loose lips sink ships’ Keep quiet!

Final Word
Do not be intimidated. Simply tell the police; you want to have an attorney present. Keep repeating that statement until they give in. Be strong. These are your rights. Never, never let anyone take them from you. Your Rights, Your Liberty, Nothing Is More Important.

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Gary Olive is a practicing criminal defense attorney, in Los Angeles, CA. He can be reached by email at [email protected]

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Gary Olive is a practicing criminal defense attorney, in Los Angeles, CA. He can be reached by email at [email protected]