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Health and safety law

  • health laws and related material compiled by the Legal Information Institute (Cornell)
  • Agency for Health Care Policy and Research guidelines
  • Alaska Admin. Code, title 13 (Public Safety)
  • Alaska Statutes, title 17 (Food and Drugs)
  • Alaska Statutes, title 18 (Health, Safety, and Housing)
  • alcohol, tobacco, & controlled substance laws and related material compiled by the Legal Information Institute (Cornell)
  • California Proposition 214 (Health Care, Consumer Protection)
  • California Proposition 215 (Medical Use of Marijuana)
  • California Proposition 216 (Health Care; Consumer Protection; Taxes on Corporate Restructuring)
  • Canada House of Commons Committee on Health documents (in English and French)
  • Canada House of Commons Sub-Comm. on Bill C-222 [alcoholic beverage container warnings] documents (in English & French)
  • Canada House of Commons Sub-Committee on HIV/AIDS documents (in English and French)`
  • Canada Senate Special Committee on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide documents (in English and French)
  • Delaware Attorney General Opinion 95-IB18 (consent for medical treatment by state agency in custody of minors)
  • Energy Dempartment Office of Environment, Safety, and Health documents
  • food and drug laws and related material compiled by the Legal Information Institute (Cornell)
  • Gould v. American Family Mutual Insurance Co. (Wisc., 1996) (mental patient tort against medical worker)
  • Indiana Code, title 16 (Health and Hospitals)
  • Jaffee v. Redmond (U.S., 1996) (pyschotherapist-client priviledge)
  • Kentucky Administrative Regulations, title 900 (Cabinet for Health Services)
  • Kentucky Administrative Regulations, title 901 (Cabinet for Health Services Office of Administrative Services)
  • Kentucky Administrative Regulations, title 902 (Cabinet for Health Services Department for Public Health)
  • Kentucky Administrative Regulations, title 906 (Cabinet for Health Services Office of Inspector General)
  • Kentucky Administrative Regulations, title 907 (Cabinet for Health Services Department for Medicaid Services)
  • Mahlum v. Dow Corning Corp. (Nev. Dist. Ct., 1995) (faulty breast implants)
  • Maine Acupuncture Licensing Board regulations
  • Maine Board of Chiropractic Examination and Registration regulations
  • Maine Board of Commissioners of the Profession of Pharmacy regulations
  • Maine Board of Counseling Professionals Licensure regulations
  • Maine Board of Examiners in Physical Therapy regulations
  • Maine Board of Examiners of Psychologists regulations
  • Maine Board of Examiners on Spech Pathology and Audiology regulations
  • Maine Board of Hearing Aid Dealers and Fitters regulations
  • Maine Board of Licensing of Dietetic Practice regulations
  • Maine Board of Licensure of Podiatric Medicine regulations
  • Maine Board of Occupational Therapy Practice regulations
  • Maine Board of Respiratory Care Practitioners regulations
  • Maine Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation, and Substance Abuse Services regulations
  • Maine Nursing Home Administrators Licensing Board regulations
  • Maine Radiologic Technology Board of Examiners regulations
  • Maine State Board of Funeral Service regulations
  • Maine State Board of Substance Abuse Counselors Rules
  • Maryland Health Code
  • Maryland Health Occupations Code
  • Massachusetts General Laws, chapter 17 (Department of Public Health)
  • Massachusetts General Laws, chapter 19 (Department of Mental Health)
  • Massachusetts General Laws, chapter 22 (Department of Public Safety)
  • Massachusetts General Laws, chapter 22D (Department of Fire Services)
  • Massachusetts General Laws, chapter 22E (State DNA Database)
  • Massachusetts General Laws, chapter 38 (Medical Examiners and Inquests)
  • Massachusetts General Laws, chapter 47 (Infirmaries)
  • Massachusetts General Laws, chapter 48 (Fires, Fire Departments and Fire Districts)
  • McIver v. Krischer (Fla. Cir. Ct., 1997) (assisted suicide)
  • Medtronics, Inc. v. Lohr (U.S., 1996) (negligence and strict liability for heart pacemaker failure)
  • Murry v. Department of Professional Regulation (Ill. App., 1996) (nursing license reciprocity between states)
  • New York Mental Hygiene Law
  • New York Public Health Law
  • New York State Conf. of Blue Cross & Blue Shield Plans v. Travelers Insurance Co. (U.S., 1995) (ERISA &hospital charges)
  • North Carolina Health Care Reform Commission publications
  • Russia Health and Advertising Edict
  • South Carolina Health and Environmental Control Department administrative law judge decisions
  • South Carolina Health and Human Services Department administrative law judge decisions
  • tobacco court cases (compiled by the State Tobacco Information Center)
  • Washington Administrative Code, title 55 (Basic Health Plan)
  • Washington Revised Code, title 55 (Sanitary Districts)
  • White v. Chief Constable (H.L., 1998) (psychiatric injury)
  • Williams v. University of Chicago Hospitals (Ill. App., 1996) (wrongful birth)
  • "AIDS and the Law" North Carolina Bar Associaiton
  • "Beyond Health Care Reform: Reconsidering Certificate of Need Laws in a Managed Competition System" by Patrick McGinley
  • "Consumers Guide to Hospitalization Charges" by the North Carolina Medical Database Commission
  • "Dispelling the Negative Myths of Managed Care" by Bruce D. Platt and Lisa D. Stream
  • euthanasia material compiled by the Voluntary Euthanasia Society of Scotland (in English, French, and Spanish)
  • Food and Drug Administration publications
  • Health Care Liability Alliance publications
  • "Health Law Newsletter" The Law Office
  • "Lead Paint Poisoning of Children" by Herbert Monheit
  • "Medical Law Reports" (UK) abstracts
  • "Medical Law Review" (UK) abstracts
  • "Medical Marketing & Media" articles
  • "Representing an Injured Employee: There is More than One Way to Make a Claim" by J. Timothy Loats
  • "Summary of Medical Malpractice Law" McCullough, Campbell & Lane
  • "What Can You be Sued for? The Accident Compensation Legislation as a Shield for the Health Professional" C Brown (N.Z.)
  • see also Crime
  • see also Domestic Relations
  • see also Employment, labor, and pension law
  • see also Transportation and Admiralty Law
  • see also U.S. Federal laws (arranged by original published source)
  • see also U.S. Federal laws (arranged by agency)
  • see also U.S. state and territorial laws
  • see also Laws of other nations
  • see also Treaties and international law
  • see also Law schools and law libraries
  • see also Attorney and legal profession directories
  • See also Law book reviews and publishers
  • About the Internet Law Library
  • "Selection of Entities to Hold Assets or Do Business" by Steven B. Kray
  • The Internet Law Library was originally provided to the public courtesy of the United States House of Representatives Law Revision Counsel Office. Part of the Counsel's mission is to make the law (particularly the U.S. Code) available to the public. When the U.S. House of Representatives discontinued hosting the Library, our site and several others were allowed to carry it.
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