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War, national defense, and the armed services


  • Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1995) and related material
  • Alabama Constitution of 1875, article XII (Militia)
  • Alabama Constitution of 1868, article X (Militia)
  • Alaska Admin. Code, title 10 (Military and Veterans Affairs)
  • Alaska Statutes, title 26 (Military Affairs and Veterans)
  • Albania Constitution, article 32 (Armed Forces, Council of Defence)
  • Arkansas Constitution, article XI (Militia)
  • armed conflict treaties compiled by the University of Minnesota
  • Austria, Constitutional Law on the Neutrality of
  • Canada House of Commons Committee on National Defense and Veterans Affairs documents (in English and French)
  • Central Intelligence Agency testimony to Congress
  • Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
  • Congressional floor debates, hearings, and reports (compiled by the Federation of American Scientists)
  • Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide
  • Egypt Constitution, part 5, chapter VII (The Armed Forces and The National Defence Council) (in English)
  • Eritrea Constitution, article 12 (National Defence and Security)
  • Georgia Constitution article IV, sec. V (Veterans Service Board)
  • Iran Constitution, chapter XIII (Supreme Council for National Security)
  • Kentucky Administrative Regulations, title 106 (Department of Military Affairs)
  • Kentucky Constitution, sections 219 to 223 (The Militia)
  • Kentucky Revised Statutes, chapter 35 (Military Justice)
  • Korea (Republic) Constitution, article 39 (Duty to Military Service)
  • Korea (Republic) Constitution, article 74 (Armed Forces)
  • Kuwait Constitution, article IV, section III (Military Affairs)
  • Lausanne Treaty, article 12 (Aegean islands)
  • Lausanne Treaty, article 13 (demilitarization of Aegean islands)
  • Lindon v. Australia (Austral., 1996) (legality of nuclear weapons)
  • Lithuania Constitution, chapter 13 (Foreign Policy and National Defence)
  • Loving v. U.S. (U.S., 1996) (death penalty under military law)
  • Luxembourg Constitution, chapter VII (Public Forces)
  • Maine Constitution, Article VII (Military)
  • Massachusetts General Laws, chapter 33 (Militia)
  • Namibia Constitution, chapter IV (Public Emergency, State of National Defence and Martial Law)
  • Namibia Constitution, chapters XIV (The Security Commission) and XV (The Police and Defence Forces and the Prison Service)
  • Naval Use of the Internet Guidelines
  • Navy Public Affairs Library
  • New York Military Law
  • North Atlantic Treaty and related documents compiled by the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Turkey
  • Nuclear Free Week Proclamation of Hawaii Gov. Cayetano (1995)
  • Nuclear Testing (New Zealand v. France) I.C.J. (arguments by New Zealand)
  • Nuremberg War Crimes Trials (partial transcripts)
  • Oceana Publications books on the law of war (summaries)
  • Oman Constitution, article 62 (Organization, Military Courts, Martial Law)
  • Oman Constitution, article 73 (Martial Law)
  • Peace Treaty with Turkey of December 2, 1920 (in French)
  • South Africa Draft White Paper on National Defence (21 June 1995)
  • South Carolina Code of Laws, title 25 (Military, Civil Defense and Veterans Affairs)
  • Supreme Court military law decisions
  • Switzerland Security and Foreign Policy papers
  • Syria Constitution, article 11 (Armed Forces)
  • Syria Constitution, article 28 (Defense)
  • Syria Constitution, article 40 (Defense)
  • Syria Constitution, article 103 (Commander-in-Chief)
  • Tunisia Constitution, article 44 (Commander-in-Chief)
  • Tunisia Constitution, article 48 (Treaties, War, Peace, Pardon)
  • Veterans Affairs Department publications
  • War Powers Resolution (Pub. L. 93-148)
  • Washington Revised Code, title 38 (Militia and Military Affairs)
  • Yugoslavia Constitution, section VIII (Army of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia)
  • "Briefing Book on International Organizations in Geneva: Arms Control & Disarmament" U.S. Information Service in Geneva
  • "Handbook on State Government: Department of Military & Veterans Affairs" Alaska Legislative Affairs Agency
  • "Impact of Armed Conflict on Children" UNICEF
  • "International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia: Current Survey: Introduction" by Faiza Patel King and Anne-Marie La Rosa
  • war crimes and crimes against humanity material compiled by the University of Minnesota (in English and French)
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  • see also U.S. Federal laws (arranged by agency)
  • see also U.S. state and territorial laws
  • see also Laws of other nations
  • see also Treaties and international law
  • see also Law schools and law libraries
  • see also Attorney and legal profession directories
  • See also Law book reviews and publishers
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