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Civil Liberties and Civil Rights: General


  • see also Civil Liberties and Civil Rights: Gender
  • see also Civil Liberties and Civil Rights: Indigenous Peoples
  • see also Civil Liberties and Civil Rights: Religion and Government
  • collection of human rights law material compiled by the Victoria Law Foundation
  • civil rights laws and related material compiled by the Legal Information Institute (Cornell)
  • human rights document collection compiled by the University of Minnesota
  • human rights documents compiled by Human Rights Watch
  • treaties and related material compiled by the University of Minnesota Human Rights Library
  • Adarand Constructors, Inc. v. Pena (U.S., 1995) (affirmative action programs strictly scrutinised)
  • Alabama Constitution of 1875, article I (Declaration of Rights)
  • Alabama Constitution of 1868, article I (Declaration of Rights)
  • Alabama Constitution of 1865, article I (Declaration of Rights)
  • Alabama Constitution of 1861, article I (Declaration of Rights)
  • Alabama Constitution of 1819, article I (Declaration of Rights)
  • Albania Constitution, article 4 (Human Rights, Minorities)
  • Arkansas Constitution, article II (Declaration of Rights)
  • Austria Basic Law on the General Rights of Nationals (1867)
  • Austria Law on Personal Freedom (1862)
  • Austria Law on the Right of the Home (1862)
  • Austria Resolution of October 30, 1918 (censorship, press, assembly, and association)
  • Belarus Constitution, section II (The Individual, Society, and the State)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Peace Agreement, annex 6 (Agreement on Human Rights)
  • Brazil Contitution, title II (rights and Fundamental guarantees) (in Portuguese)
  • British Bill of Rights
  • Brown v. Board of Education, 349 U.S. 294 (1955) (racial segregation of public schools)
  • Bulgaria Constitution, chapter 1 (Fundamental Principles)
  • Bulgaria Constitution, chapter 2 (Fundamental Rights and Obligations of Citizens)
  • California Civil Rights Initiative (1996)
  • California Proposition 209 (discrimination by State and other public entities)
  • Canada Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • Canada Equality Rights Law material (compiled by Deborah McIntosh)
  • Canada House of Commons Comm. on Human Rights & the Status of Persons with Disabilities documents (in English & French)
  • Canada Human Rights Commission publications (in English and French)
  • Canada obscenity law material (compiled by Deborah McIntosh)
  • Canadian Multiculturalism Act
  • Chechnya Constitution, section 2 (Rights, Freedom, and Responsibility of the Citizens)
  • China Declaration of Human Rights (proposed)
  • China (Peoples Republic of) Constitution, chapter 2 (Fundamental Rights and Duties of Citizens)
  • Cohens v. Virginia (U.S., 1821) (right of individuals to sue states in Federal court)
  • Congo Constitution, title II (Fundamental Rights and Liberties)
  • declarations of rights from the constitutions of the states of the United States and other sources
  • Delaware Attorney General Opinion 95-IB29 (Human Relations Commission awards)
  • Delaware Constitution article I (Bill of Rights)
  • Denmark Constitution, part VIII (Individual Rights)
  • Eclipse Enterprises, Inc. v. Gulotta (E.D.N.Y., 1995) ("True Crime" trading cards as free speech)
  • Egypt Constitution, part 3 (Public Freedoms, Rights and Duties)
  • Emancipation Proclamation
  • Eritrea Constitution, chapter III (Fundamental Rights, Freedoms, and Duties)
  • Estonia Constitution, chapter II (Fundamental Rights, Liberties, and Duties)
  • Finland Constitution, part II (General Rights and Legal Protection of Finish Citizens)
  • Georgia Constitution article I (Bill of Rights)
  • Germany, Basic Law of the Federal Republic of, chapter I (Basic Rights)
  • Hong Kong, Basic Law of, chapter 3 (Fundamental Rights and Duties of the Residents)
  • Hong Kong Bill of Rights Ordinance 1991
  • Hurley v. Irish-American Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Group of Boston (U.S., 1995) (free speech & parade participation)
  • Iraq Interim Constitution, Chapter III (Fundamental Rights and Duties)
  • Ireland Constitution, articles 40-44 (Fundamental Rights)
  • Japan Constitution, chapter III (Rights and Duties of the People)
  • Kentucky Administrative Regulations, title 104 (Commission on Human Rights)
  • Kentucky Bill of Rights
  • Kentucky Revised Statutes, chapter 19 (Human Rights Commission)
  • Korea (Republic) Constitution, chapter II (Rights and Duties of the Citizens)
  • Kuwait Constitution, part III (Public Rights and Duties)
  • Latin American human rights constitutional provisions (in Spanish)
  • Latvia Declaration of Accession to International Instruments Relating to Human Rights
  • Lebron v. National Railroad Passenger Corp. (U.S., 1995) (constitutional responsibilities of government corporations)
  • Lithuania Constitution, chapter 2 (The Individual and the State)
  • Luxembourg Constitution, chapter II (Luxembourgers and Their Rights)
  • Madagascar Constitution, title II (Liberties, Rights, Duties)
  • Maine Constitution, Article I (Declaration of Rights)
  • Malta Constitution, chapter IV (Fundamental Rights and Freedoms of the Individual)
  • Manning v. Hill, [1995] 2 S.C.R. 1130 (Can.) (defamation vs. free speech)
  • Maryland anti-discrimination laws (summaries)
  • Maryland Declaration of Rights
  • Maryland Toleration Act (1649)
  • Moldova Constitution, title II (Fundamental Rights, Freedoms and Duties)
  • Mongolia Constitution, chapter 2 (Human Rights and Freedoms)
  • Namibia Constitution, chapter III (Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms)
  • Namibia Constitution, article 131 (Entrenchment of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms)
  • Nepal Constitution, part 3 (Fundamental Rights)
  • New Brunswick Human Rights Commission publications (in English and French)
  • New Hampshire Bill of Rights
  • New Jersey Code, title 10 (civil rights)
  • New Jersey Constitution, article I (Rights and Priviledges)
  • New York Civil Rights Law
  • New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990
  • Oceana Publications civil rights books (brief summaries)
  • Oman Constitution, part 3 (Public Rights and Duties)
  • Philippines Constitution, article III (Bill of Rights)
  • Scott v. Sandford, 60 U.S. 393 (1856) (Dred Scott decision - rights of escaped slaves)
  • Spain Constitution, title I (fundamental laws and rights) (in Spanish)
  • State v. Guenzel (N.H., 1996) (civil sanctions and double jeapordy)
  • Strathclyde Regional Council v. Zafar (H.L., 1997) (presumption of racial descrimination)
  • Supreme Court abortion decisions
  • Supreme Court civil rights decisions
  • Supreme Court freedom of speech decisions
  • Supreme Court freedom of the press decisions
  • Syria Constitution, part 4 (Freedom, Rights, Duties)
  • Treaty of Saint-Germain, part III, section V (protection of minorities)
  • Tunisia Constitution, article 6 (Equality)
  • Tunisia Constitution, article 12 (Presumption of Innocence)
  • Turkey Constitution, part 2 (Fundamental Rights and Duties)
  • U.S. Civil Rights Act of 1993 (proposed)
  • Veronia School District 47J v. Acton (U.S., 1995) (privacy)
  • Washington Administrative Code, title 34 (Commission on Asian-American Affairs)
  • Yugoslavia Constitution, section II (Freedoms, Rights, and Duties of Mand and the Citizen)
  • civil rights law memos (compiled by Law Journal Extra!)
  • American Bar Association Individual Rights and Responsibilities Section material
  • American Bar Association Commission on Legal Problems of the Elderly material
  • American Bar Association Commission on Opportunities for Minorities in the Legal Profession material
  • American Civil Liberties Union material (WWW)
  • "Constitutional Status of Sexual Orientation: Homosexuality as a Suspect Classification" Harvard Law Review
  • "Culture, Information, and Screening Discrimination" by B. Cornell & I. Welch (abstract)
  • East European Constitutionalism Review
  • "Free Speech and Privacy in the Information Age" by Mr. Justice John Sopinka (Canada)
  • "Free Speech Online" compiled by Magellan (McKinley Group)
  • "Freeing the 1st Amendment: Critical Prespectives on Freedom of Expression" by David Allen & Robert Jensen (review of)
  • "Hate-Motivated Violence" by Glenn A. Gilmour (in English and French)
  • "High Court of Australia and Individual Rights" by Desmond Lane
  • homosexuality and the law (compiled by Queer Resources Directory)
  • human rights material compiled by the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Turkey
  • "Human Rights and the External Relations of the European Community: An Analysis of Doctrine and Practice" Barbara Brandtner and Allan Rosas
  • "Human Rights Brief" law journal
  • "Islamic Republic of Iran: Myth vs. Reality" Embassy of Iran in Canada
  • "Kingfish & the Constitution: Huey Long, the 1st Amend. & the Emergence of Modern Press Freedom" by R. Cortner (review)
  • "Labor Abstracts" (vol. 1, no. 4)
  • Law Journal Extra! civil rights material
  • National Journal of Sexual Orientation Law
  • "Natural Law and Natural Rights" by James A. Donald
  • "Post-Soviet Media Law & Policy Newsletter"
  • "Privacy Rights and State Spying in the Civil Rights Era: The Sovereignty Commission Archive Suit" Mississippi American Civil Liberties Union
  • "Why Human Rights Matter for Everyone" by Sir Ronald Wilson
  • W3 Lawyer civil rights law material
  • see also Crime
  • see also Domestic Relations
  • see also Education and the law
  • see also Election, Qualification, Removal, and Lobbying of Public Officials
  • see also Employment, Labor, and Pension Laws
  • see also Privacy and information access
  • see also Property
  • see also Search and Seizure
  • see also U.S. Federal laws (arranged by original published source)
  • see also U.S. Federal laws (arranged by agency)
  • see also U.S. state and territorial laws
  • see also Laws of other nations
  • see also Treaties and international law
  • see also Law schools and law libraries
  • see also Attorney and legal profession directories
  • See also Law book reviews and publishers
  • About the Internet Law Library
  • The Internet Law Library was originally provided to the public courtesy of the United States House of Representatives Law Revision Counsel Office. Part of the Counsel's mission is to make the law (particularly the U.S. Code) available to the public. When the U.S. House of Representatives discontinued hosting the Library, our site and several others were allowed to carry it.
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