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  • Legal Nurse Consultants
    Nurses who provide medical advice to those in the legal field and also to private individual and companies.
    A nationwide network of quality attorneys, providing affordable legal services to families, businesses and professionals.
    Both entertaining and informative, offers news, resources and even online shopping for people interested in the law. Whether you're a consumer looking into self-help law, a law student or legal professional, you'll find something of interest at this growing web site!
  • LegalNet Works Incorporated
    LegalNet Works specializes in critical infrastructure and national security law and practice; we maintain a critical infrastructure and national security law library and specialize in customized CD ROM database development.
  • Lexrexx
    A private, independent, research and educational organization, LEXREX seeks to enlighten, inform, and empower the American people, and/or any other people, in order that they may be effectively self governed according to original American political philosophies and Constitutional law. Our goal is nothing less than a people who will accept only the total liberty with responsibilty envisioned by our rugged founding generation. The result of the American people throwing off the chains of co-dependence with a growth-industry government will be a government truly obedient to the People and reduced to its Constitutionally limited size; a government once again, of law, and not of men, in other words, a government whose policies are entirely within the bounds of its governing Constitution and laws, without exception, deception, coercion, subterfuge, evasion or sophistry.
  • Librarius
    All Argentina's Law books. More than 10,000 titles. All authors and publishers
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