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Asked on: 2/22/13, 9:36 am

my domestic partner of 9 yrs. had a stroke and is unable to speak or write at this time. he had no living will or any will for that matter . He has an ex wife with 2 adult children and also an older daughter out of state who still has not been notified of his condition because I'm not sure what her name is or exact location. he was in contact with her but i couldn't find her phone number. And he has an older sister who was notified who came down for a few days when he first had stroke. the exwife,daughter,sister, and cousin told me to leave the room where my partner was, and said that it was a family matter, then they told me that the 22 yr. old daughter had power of attorney. since then she has forbid myself and all of his close friends from seeing him and given any information on how he is doing at all. I have also been my partners care giver as well as partner and have not been apart from him, the last day i spent with him he was making progress and was able to tell me (I love you) i spent everyday and night with him at hospital. the daughter also locked me out of the apartment we shared because I was listed as a resident rather than tenant on lease, because my partner was solely responsible for rent. They removed (the daughter and exwife) all my personal belongings as well as my son's things ( who was visiting) claiming they were coming for my partners things that they needed. yet they didn't remove any of his things. the next day they locked me out. when i reported our things stolen the police would only make an incident report because the daughter claims she has power of attorney but no one has seen any paperwork she has since then constantly sending me harrassing text's. i was advised by a volunteer lawyer to check out the probate laws and have a judge decide whether she is competent to be power of attorney. my domestic partner was unable to speak or write at the time she was elected by 3 members herself included to have this position. the oldest son and daughter were not informed of this family meeting. wayne (my partner) has no idea why none of his friends or myself have stopped coming to see him.this has to be effecting his recovery! they don't visit him everyday and would not even known he had the stroke if i didn't call and let them know! I was the one that called 911 and saved his life. is there anyway someone a doctor or nurse that could ask him if this is what he wants. He WAS able to understand what was being said the last day i was able to be with him and it's been almost 2 weeks now.

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