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Motorcycle Accident - What is Benefit of Hiring Lawyer?

I was recently involved in a motorcycle accident. I was riding home from work on my motorcycle when an SUV pulled out in front of me. In trying to avoid a collision I ended up wrecking my bike. I suffered a broken right arm which required surgery and a plate to put my wrist back in place. I also broke my left thumb. I was hospitalized Fri, Sat, Sun and discharged Mon. Cotton States is the insurer for the other driver. Accident report states that her failure to yield right helped to cause accident. A claim has been filed. At this point is there any need to hire an attorney? Should I wait for a settlement? Thank you.

Asked on 8/06/03, 9:15 pm

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Jim Hough Thomas J. Hough, Jr., P.C.

Re: Motorcycle Accident - What is Benefit of Hiring Lawyer?

The fact that I am the 5th attorney to respond to your question should give you some sense of the potential value of your claim. You do need an attorney and the benefit is the leveling of the playing field and even possible shift in your favor, depending on the experience and background of your personal injury lawyer. Waiting for a settlement offer from the adjuster in response to your claim has no advantage, and real disadvantages in that witnesses move and evidence fades and sometimes even disappears. By the time you have substantially recovered from your injuries, you will want to be in a position to evaluate your claim for settlement purposes, and to do so requires the gathering of much information regarding medical care and treatment, expenses, identification of funds such as insurance and assets from which a judgment or verdict can be recovered, not to mention investigation and assessment of liability issues and the strengths (and weaknesses, if any) of your position. A thorough appreciation of the future effect this injury will have will also figure in the value you place on the demand for settlement you will submit or ask from a jury. Even if a person has the background and training to put his claim together, the injured party lacks the objectivity to properly evaluate his claim, in my opinion. Please call for a free, no obligation, consultation with my firm at 770-607-5300 or visit me on the web at

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Answered on 8/07/03, 9:40 pm

Robert Windholz Robert S. Windholz, Attorney At Law

Re: Motorcycle Accident - What is Benefit of Hiring Lawyer?

You will get many emails from attorneys in this program. From what you say, you have a very serious injury case that should be very expensive for Cotton States to settle with you. There are many factors that must be taken into account when attempting to settle a case with a liability insurer. The total medical bills; the lost wages; the occupational affect of the injury upon the person injured; the amount of permanent disablity and impairment; and other related factors. I would find an attorney you are comfortable with and whom you trust within a reasonable distance of where you reside and who is familiar with the court system where the person who injured you is living [important if suit must be filed].

If you attempt to settle the case yourself, you might do fine. But if you do something detrimental to the case, it may be difficult for an attorney to salvage the full value of the case after the fact. You can call me at (678) 990-1584 and ask for Julie, if you want to discuss this further. She can give you my cell phone number.

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Answered on 8/06/03, 9:29 pm

Re: Motorcycle Accident - What is Benefit of Hiring Lawyer?

Sorry to hear about your unfortunate accident. You asked "What is the benefit of hiring a lawyer". Well obviously one benefit is that hopefully with a few good cases like yours, a good lawyer might be able to send his children to college one day. But seriously, the benefit of retaining an experienced personal injury attorney could be considerable. Insurance law is rather complex (for instance, you might be entitled to stack insurance coverages to increase your possible recovery. Our firm has handle personal injury cases for more than 12 years and is experienced in insurance law. Also, there are issues of vicarious liability which also might provide additional coverage for this accident. Often times these questions cannot be answered until a thorough investigation and oftern times after litigation. Do you know whether you have underinsured motorist coverage? Do you know where the driver was traveling at the time?

In answering your initial question, the truth is you may not recognize the benefit of a good lawyer until its too late. Our fee is as much for your peace of mind as it is for our astute legal minds.

I would be more than willing to discuss this matter with you. My telephone number is 404-877-9181 or you can email me at: [email protected]

Also, feel free to visit our website.

Best regards,

W. James Moore

Personal Attention to Personal Injury Victims

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Answered on 8/06/03, 9:49 pm
Allen Broughton Allen L. Broughton, P.C.

Re: Motorcycle Accident - What is Benefit of Hiring Lawyer?

The benefit truly depends on several factors. For instance, you will need to determine whether there are potential other defendants and whether there are other assets, other than the Cotton States policy, that need to be pursued. It can also be helpful to have an attorney negotiate your medical bills when and/if your health insurance company seeks reimbursement. Simply put, let me put it this way - all I do is this kind of case (with two seven figure verdicts in the past year), yet when i was in an accident myself, I hired an attorney to represent me.

In any event, make sure the attorney you hire tries cases, and doesn't just seek a quick settlment. Your case has significant value, and should be adequately handled. You can learn more about me and my background at Please call if I can be of help.

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Answered on 8/07/03, 7:56 am
Dan Conaway Conaway&Strickler, P.C.

Re: Motorcycle Accident - What is Benefit of Hiring Lawyer?

We are more than happy to help. We are aggressive trial lawyers and we will fight to do what is right in your situation. Your case potentially is of great value. Don't settle for too little! Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss in more detail. [email protected] I look forward to hearing from you.


Dan Conaway

Conaway & Strickler, PC

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Answered on 8/07/03, 12:10 pm

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