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Chief's Message

Welcome to the Clint Police Department in far West Texas. I hope you enjoy your visit.
The Clint Police Department takes pride in it's "Home Town" approach to law enforcement. Taking the extra time to stop and visit with residents and visitors. Getting to know them and allowing them to know you. The result has been one of the lowest crime rates around and a good working relationship with the community. Coupled with good schools, good climate, and the amenities of a large city less than an hour away, Clint is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. If you're ever in this part of the country, I invite you to stop in and visit.

Commanding Officer
Clint, Texas

  March 2007-Present

Officers of the Clint Police Dept.

Lt. Alex Sanchez
Sgt. Jesus Gomez
Officer Danny Ramos
Officer Ryan Peterson
Officer Buryl "Bud" Canuteson

Are you interested in working for the Clint Police Department?

The Clint Police is currently accepting applications for RESERVE Peace Officer. Full-time Officers are selected from the reserves. Candidates must have a Basic Peace Officers License from TCLEOSE, No Felony or Misdemeanor arrests above Class B, meet current TCLEOSE licensing requirements, and be of good moral characture. (other restrictions apply)

Reserve Officers are a vital componant of the Clint Police Department. We recognize the service they provide to the community and appreciate their efforts. As the Reserve unit grows, reserve officers will have their own command structure with a Lieutenant, and Sergeant positions which also gives you the opportunity for leadership and administrative experience.
For more information e-mail or call the Clint Police Department.


Racial Profiling
This department supports the 77th Texas Legislature’s mandate prohibiting racial profiling in Texas. Our police officers work under a departmental policy that is consistent with all state and federal laws. The policy includes provisions for citizens to contact us if they have a conflict with a Clint police officer.

The Clint Police Department realizes that there will be disagreements, from time to time, with individuals that come in contact with our officers. We realize that confusion, different perceptions or possibly the timeliness of information could result in information that may produce different accounts of the same incident. These disagreements between citizens and officers need to be addressed. We trust that the vast majority of contacts between citizens and officers are conducted in a positive, professional manner. The relationship between the community and our officers is based on confidence and trust. We cannot be effective without both the community and our officers working together to achieve this goal.

Citizens feeling that they have a legitimate concern may make a formal complaint to the Clint Police Department at any time by contacting any member of this department for information on the complaint process. Additional information about this process may be obtained by calling us at (915) 851-1600.

The Clint Police Department would also like to know about positive police contacts. Please write the Chief a letter or note to let him or her know about a positive contact with our officers. Chief Wiest will let the officer know about your letter and a copy will be placed in the officer’s personnel folder.

We are very proud of the relationship the Clint Police Department shares with the community. Our longstanding goal is to provide our citizens with a safe community where all may live without the fear of crime.



Due to the overwhelming number of requests for our police patches, we are temporarily making available a limited number to collectors. In order to defray costs, we must charge $5.00 p/patch. Please forward your request and the $5.00 p/patch along with a self addressed stamped envalope to:

Clint Police Dept.
P.O.Box 350
Clint, Texas 79836

Limit 2 patches per request.
(The Clint Police Department is not responsible for lost or misdirected mail.)

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