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You Are Going On Vacation - Help Burglars Take One Too!
An empty house is a tempting target for a burglar. Use this checklist of tips to help safeguard your home while you're away.

Have good locks on all doors and windows and USE THEM!

Ask a neighbor to watch the house while you're away. It's a good idea to leave your vacation address and telephone number with a neighbor so you can be reached in case of an emergency.

Never leave your house key hidden outside your home.

Stop all deliveries, or arrange for a neighbor to pick up your mail, newspapers and packages.

Arrange for someone to mow your lawn, rake leaves and maintain the yard to give the home a lived-in look.

Plug in timers to turn lights, a radio or television on and off at appropriate times. This helps to disguise the fact that you are away.

Turn the bell or ringer on your telephone down low. If a burglar is around, he won't be alerted to your absence by a ringing phone.

Don't announce your absence on answering machine messages.

Leave your blinds, shades and curtains in a normal position. Don't close them unless that is what you do when you are home.

Close and lock garage doors and windows. Ask a neighbor to occasionally park in your driveway. If you leave your car at home, park it as you normally would. Vehicles parked outside should be moved occasionally to appear that they are being used.

Secure storage sheds, attic entrances and gates.

Tell your local police you plan to be away. Patrol officers may have the opportunity to periodically check your home.

Engrave your valuables as recommended in Operation I.D. This simple step will allow your stolen property to be identified and returned to you if recovered by the police.

Travel Safely!

Costless Auto Theft Prevention:

No vehicle is 100% theft proof, but the more you do to discourage thieves the more likely you will keep your vehicle and property. Remember a thief's greatest enemy is time. The tougher you make it for the thieves, the greater the chance they will choose an easier target.

Take your keys.
Never hide a second set of keys in your car.
Lock your car.
Park in well lighted areas.
If you park in attended lots, leave only the ignition and/or door key.
Never leave your car running, even if it is only for a minute.
Completely close car windows when parking.
Don't leave valuables in plan view.
Park with your vehicle towards a curb. If there is no curb, turn your wheel as far to the left/right as they will.
Always use your emergency brake when parking.
Don't leave your registration or title in your car.
Disable your vehicle when leaving it unattended for an extend period.
Operation ID is free, engrave expensive accessories such as; your car radio, laptop and cellular phone.
Do not use your vehicle as an auxiliary locker.
Drop your business card, address label or other identification inside your vehicle doors.
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Texas Automobile Theft Prevention Authority

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Horse Theft Prevention

Horse theft is one of the largest businesses in Texas and is on the rise. We register our cars, trailers, boats, and even dog and cats, but never give a second thought to registering our horses. Freeze branding can be done on horses of any age, does not scar or damage the horses hide, is legible, difficult to alter, and can be seen from a distance all year long.

Branding your horse can reduce the chance of theft and increase recovery efforts.

For more information, contact your local police department, the County Extension Department, or the Texas Cattle Raisers Association.

Branding is recommended by many breeders, agricultural agencies, law enforcement agencies, and the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (HIP program).

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