Small Business Opportunity

Clint is a designated "Renewal Community" within the Revitalization Area of El Paso County. This designation allows businesses who locate in Clint an opportunity to receive additional IRS credits for construction or renovation of a building for commercial use and wage credits up to 50% for employees who live in the designated area.

There are many available storefronts and buildings available within the town for business interests from retail to manufacturing. Visit town hall for contact information on these locations and zoning restrictions.

Clint Shopping Center
Located in the center of town at the intersection of Alameda (Texas Hwy 20) and Clint Rd. (State FM 1110), the historic Clint Shopping Center is currently under renovation by its new owner.

Current tenants of the shopping center are Lencho's Grocery & Meat Market, Clint Tire Shop and G's Automotive. Other tenants of the shopping center have been a pharmacy, hardware store, discount store, cafe and a filling station. For more information call 851-3146.

Opening Soon
"Old Mill Strip"
The "Old Mill Strip" will be located across the street from the Clint Shopping Center on Alameda and Clint Rd.

The new 34,000 square foot strip will also hold an outdoor farmers market and plaza.

Business of the Month
First National Bank of Fabens
105 S. FM 1110
Clint, Texas
First National Bank website
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