Town of Clint, Texas

Thank you for visiting Clint. The best kept secret in West Texas. Clint is located in Southeast El Paso County (the lower valley) near the Rio Grande River. Founded in the late 1800's, Clint began as a rail stop for the Town of San Elizario which was then the County Seat. In 1886, the residents decided to begin a real community. Churches and schools were built and Clint quickly became a prosperous town. The valley was lush with fruit trees and the land was ripe for farming. Cotton was planted and Clint quickly became a large cotton producing region.

Today, farming cotton, corn and chile, remains Clint's mainstay. A rural community of 1000 residents, Clint is removed from the hustle and bustle of El Paso but close enough to enjoy it's amenities.

On the Mission Trail, history is very rich in Clint. El Paso County's first public school, Clint School, is still in use today. The First County Jail of El Paso County is a mile away in Historic San Elizario. A Texas Ranger Station used until the 1920's still stands in Clint. Her cemetery just yards away waiting for history buffs to explore her secrets.

Many historic figures have travelled in and around Clint. Indian war Chief Victorio, Famed Texas Ranger James B. Gillett, Pat Garrett, Billy the Kid, Pancho Villa, and a host of others.

We hope that you might pay us a visit should you find yourself in West Texas. Just 3 miles off Interstate Highway 10, Exit 42, and follow the signs.

Mayor and Council
Mayor Dale T. Reinhardt
Mayor Pro-tem Frank Montes
Alderman Willie Alarcan
Alderman Ricardo Sepulveda
Alderman Henry Franco
Alderwoman Linda Candelaria
City Council
Photos of new mayor and council comming soon

The Mayor and Town Council welcome you to the Town of Clint. Nestled in the lower valley of El Paso County, Clint had been described as the "Jewel" of El Paso. Green, lush, great schools, warm and friendly residents, we hope that you might pay us a visit in your travels.
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