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Stay Current on government regulations

July 9, 2007 The frequently asked questions about the Family and Medical Leave Act offer a useful guide for small employers on confusing aspects of the law.

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Where to find legal help on the Net

October 18, 1999 It has links to statutes, the Constitution and other legal sites for every state and territory, along with a password-protected search engine.

Targeting a New Job, Where to go in the sea of job sites -- and what each has to offer

June 1, 2000

Featured as a legal job opportunity resource

MyCounsel set to debut online legal services

February 20, 2001 offers not only legal research and an attorney search tool, but also features such as chat rooms and daily legal news.

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Success at Nolo Press

February 09, 2000

LawGuru has searchable library of 10,000 questions and answers in 25 legal categories; also extensive resources for searching state and federal law, plus chat room and topical legal mailing lists.

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DIY Nation

February 2001

One of the more creative options: recently launched a service allowing people to pay up to $59 to ask a specific question about their case.

Resources to teach you about worker legal rights

February 20, 2008

There are many free legal-advice services, including one my own attorney likes, This site lets you post questions that are answered by lawyers, and...

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Qtip's the Right Implement for Passing on Assets

September 20, 2003, a Web site that provides free answers to legal questions, and lets you search more than 70,000 previously posted questions and answers in its database.

Internet age shakes the legal profession (The Rule Of Lawyers)

July 21, 2000

When asked to find "free legal advice" on the Internet, one speedy search engine tallied about 330,000 Web sites worldwide in 0.13 seconds. These dot-com sites have cyber-addresses like findlaw, lawguru, nolo and lawline.

The Best of the Web is yours for the asking

September 1, 2002

Got a legal question? LawGuru provides free, easy-to-understand answers to law-related queries. There are more than 4,000 Q's and A's in the database, or you can pose one of your own. - Website answers legal questions

February 4, 2000

Find free answers to some of your legal questions at The site provides two ways to look for your answers: Search the database of 7,000+ questions and answers in over 25 legal categories; or submit a question.

The E-Mail Advice Line

January 10, 2006

Questions range from mun�dane (Can I sue?) to silly (Is there a law requiring you to tip a waitress?). They come via, a Web site that allows anyone to submit a legal question, free of charge, to a network of mem�ber lawyers.

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Business Column: Make use of downtime on the Net

May 27, 2008

Below are personally reviewed links that you might find informative, helpful or just plain interesting.
8. � submit one legal question every thirty days, or find an attorney.

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Attorneys: Value of Online Legal Information Debated

January 01, 2000, a site perhaps best known for its extensive bulletin board system, which posts answers to thousands of anonymous legal questions.

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You Got Law

January 24, 2000

'We've answered over 12,000 legal questions in the past two years,' adds Bahman Eslamboly of the Los Angeles-based, a site perhaps best known for its extensive bulletin board system...

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March 29, 2010: Legal Advice 2.0

PALM DESERT, Calif., March 29, 2010 -- In these uncertain economic times, more than ever consumers are seeking a trustworthy alternative to costly, but much needed legal advice. A growing many are unable to hire an attorney except when facing the direst of circumstances. ...Continue Reading

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