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Have you been arrested? Been accused of a crime? You need a trial attorney. It is time to be smart and act fast to prepare your defense. Being accused of a crime can have devastating consequences: you can be put in jail, lose your job, be deported, or even worse, harm your family by losing your house or home. Make sure you and your family spend some time researching how a particular law office will aid in preparing your defense. An experienced, intuitive attorney can help you win your case or avoid horrible consequences. The Law Office of Juan F. Dotson is dedicated to fighting for justice, whether you are being prosecuted for a crime or facing deportation or both. I gained a life-worth’s of experience defending all felonies, misdemeanors, and juvenile crimes as a deputy public defender. I regularly use motions, procedural tactics, and trials to get cases dismissed, felony charges reduced, or felony defendants out of jail without posting bail. I have been able to service my clients by being prepared, relying on my intuition, information from fellow colleagues, and being friendly with court staff. Place yourself in good hands. Call (888) 471-1377 now.
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