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I have been successfully representing debtors in all types of bankruptcies since 1980. I pride myself in being responsive to the needs of individuals going through a very trying period. I try to explain the bankruptcy process in a way that is understandable and not intimidating. The loss of years of good credit is never easy. I try to make the client's experience a good one. I handle all aspects of bankruptcy, Chapter 7s, Chapter 13s and Chapter 11s. I have honed my skills while representing debtors for over 23 years. The majority of the case I handle involve representing debtors. In many cases, a client's financial problem transcends a mere Chapter 7s, 13s and 11s and involve liabilities which cannot typically be discharged in a bankruptcy (ie. federal and state tax claims). During my 23 years as debtor's counsel, I have had excellent results in resolving large non-dischargeable tax liabilities through the use of Offers in Compromise with the IRS and Offers in Settlement with the MA/DOR. In addition to dealing with tax disputes and transactions, my practice has also focused on non-traditional out-of-court reorganizations, real estate purchases and sales and simple wills. I have personally been involved with a large number of small business turnarounds, negotiating settlements with creditors and returning these businesses to financial viability. The thanks from a client for a job well done is my motivation! Personalized service, attentivness to clients' needs and concerns has been the hallmark of my practice. Showing my clients the way through what is often a confusing situation and, at the same time making it bearable and understandable is my goal. The loss of years of good credit is never easy. During what is always a trying and difficult period, I try to make the clients' experience a good one. I enabled my clients to obtain the "fresh start" as currently contemplated by the Bankruptcy Code. Their thanks years later when they have obtained new credit or obtained a mortgage to purchased a house is the only satisfaction I need.
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