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A Top Lawyer for Houston Drug Offenders Facing felony or misdemeanor criminal charges for the possession of a controlled substance? Don't panic, contact Bennett & Bennett at 713-224-1747. While there’s no guarantee of any outcome in any case, one thing is for sure; having an experienced lawyer on your case gives you the best chance of avoiding prison. If you’re facing criminal charges for any narcotic other than small amounts of marijuana, you’ll face at least 2 years State jail on up to life in prison for possession of dangerous drugs in Texas. Persons arrested for the possession, manufacture, or distribution of heroin, cocaine, meth, pills, heroin, PCP, or any other dangerous drug in Houston, will be charged with a felony and this also applies for trace amounts. It’s Best to Fight Criminal Charges If you’re facing felony criminal charges in Houston, your lawyer will need to make investigating your case a top priority. An intense investigation is best, because police will often overlook evidence, lose evidence, or in many cases, not have any evidence at all. If a person is to be convicted in a Texas criminal court there will need to be some evidence proving their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, or they cannot be convicted. As an American, you have a Constitutional right to counsel and a defense, but not just any counsel, competent counsel. In some other nations, the government can accuse a person of a crime, and they must prove their innocence. In America, the state of Texas or the United States of America must prove a defendant’s guilt, as opposed to a condemned person proving their innocence. This makes the US justice system the best in world as it gives the benefit of the doubt to the individual rather than the overpowering state. As an American, it’s always smart and best to take full advantage of your rights. After all, our forefathers died for those rights. Houston Assault & Domestic Violence Cases Oftentimes, tensions can rise, resulting in harsh words or physical contact between two people. When the law gets involved in situations like these, assault charges are often close behind. Attorney Mark W. Bennett has experience defending people accused of such offenses and is often the top choice of Houstonians in need of the best counsel they can get for their defense. If you stand accused of assault, Aggravated assault, family violence, domestic assault, stalking, or of a homicide-related criminal offense, you have legal options. Your best option when facing such charges is to contact Bennett & Bennett at 713-224-1747 or to secure legal representation from an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Houston with comparable experience. A Top Choice of Federal Criminal Defense Mark Bennett is also an active federal criminal defense attorney who is willing to fight federal government charges of RICO violations, drug smuggling, kidnapping, money laundering, bank fraud, robbing a bank, and any other criminal case an individual might be facing. There are many times in history where the federal government has overstepped its bounds, trampled on the rights of the citizenry, and took advantage of the power at its disposal. Then there are the criminal defense attorneys who stand up for the individual in the face of overwhelming odds and offer excellent legal representation such as that provided by Bennett & Bennett. Since 1995 Houston federal criminal defense attorney Mark W. Bennett has been effective in winning a number of federal jury trials, getting dismissals in pretrial settings, and bring numerous federal criminal appeals and defense cases to a conclusion.
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