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ESTATE PLANNING: Make sure that your assets pass to who you want, how you want, when you want, while minimizing taxes and avoiding lengthy and public probate proceedings. Also, you can prevent the expense and hardship of a Guardianship proceeding if you prepare for the possibility of incapacity with emergency planning documents: allow loved ones to make financial and medical decisions for you if you are not able. If you have children, prepare a designation of guardianship in the case that you and your spouse are not able to care for them. MEDICAID PLANNING: On average, the cost of a nursing home is between $10,000 and $15,000 a month. Only MEDICAID covers the cost of nursing home or home-care. If you have saved any assets during your lifetime, or own your home, you WILL lose everything paying for your care. You will not be able to receive Medicaid and Social Security benefits until you spend all of your money on your own medical care and are essentially impoverished. The good news is that with proper planning it is possible to obtain Medicaid and Social Security benefits without having to spend all of your hard-earned assets. EMERGENCY MEDICAID PLANNING: While it is best to plan in advance to preserve assets and insure your care, if you or a loved one are facing immediate nursing home admission and have assets you would like to preserve for your family, there are sophisticated planning techniques that we may be able to use to help preserve assets for your family. Did you know that unless you are properly advised you can lose Medicaid and Social Security benefits if you receive a payment for a personal injury you had suffered, inheritance, medical malpractice or from most other sources? We can help you choose and create the right plan to preserve your Medicaid and other benefits while still receiving the benefits of your new funds. ASSET PROTECTION: Melnik Law Group’s attorneys design asset protection strategies that fit each individual client’s particular needs. Each strategy is developed based on many factors, such as particular client’s risk exposure, types and values of assets owned and desired degree of protection. Our goal is to develop a perfect balance of asset protection while retaining the necessary Control and Benefit from the assets, combined with the Anonymity and Privacy of asset ownership. Our asset protection strategies vary from case to case and may include transfers of assets or transfers of asset ownership to different On-Shore and Off-Shore Jurisdictions that afford better privacy and protection against creditors, creation of various legal entities, such as Family Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), as well as many other customized cutting-edge asset protection techniques. Regardless of the specific type of services we are retained to perform, we always analyze each client’s situation from many different perspectives, such as tax, asset protection, estate and Medicaid planning to ensure that our clients receive a comprehensive long-term solution, and not just a “quick fix.” We always take pride in our ultimate final product – our clients’ Peace of Mind.
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