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When I graduated from law school, like many idealistic law students I wanted to make a difference in the lives of the people I served. I moved back to my home state of Washington from California in late 2010 to be with my family.In California and Washington I had worked in a few different law firms. Like many attorneys, the law firms I worked for went the way of hourly billing and money at the cost of customer service. I saw firms that were stuck in the past, stuck in the old way of doing things. They, and the attorneys they taught, refuse to change. I decided to do something different. An evolution from what law firms are, and have always been. A firm geared towards creating top of the line service not found anywhere in Washington. A family firm creating lasting relationships with every client, and supporting good people in every community and every walk of life. So What Makes Me Different? Customer Service The simple ideals of customer service and taking care of clients is at the top of my priority list. Every law firm says they have good customer service, but few make it a reality. The #1 complaint amongst clients is that attorneys never respond to calls or emails for weeks or months at a time. When they finally do make contact; many are arrogant, angry, and sometimes downright rude. Customer service is my first goal. I want every client’s experience with me to be the absolute best they will ever have with an attorney. I keep my clients informed about their case, and am always prepared to schedule a conversation or phone call to answer any and all questions my clients have. Solving Your Problem I am a problem solver. When you come to me with an issue, whatever it might be, I fix it. Period. Teaching Clients In high-school and early in college I originally wanted to be a teacher. I enjoyed explaining complex ideas to help people understand in simple terms. I never lost my inner teacher. For every person who comes to me, client or not, I explain how the law works in their situations, what the unknowns are, and break down law in easy to understand terms. I spend hours teaching my clients. With understanding, your stress level will lower, your comfort and confidence with the situation rises, and you’ll be empowered when you know and understand all of your options. No Hourly Rates! In most law firms, hourly rates lead to inefficiency, price gouging customers, and poor service. Law firms who find paying clients have no problem taking a long time to do anything because the longer they take, the more they can charge. Not only that, but with traditional law firms you even pay for phone calls. The hourly billing system deters open communication and punishes clients for asking questions. I want my clients to be free to call me anytime with questions without the threat of receiving an $80 bill a few weeks later. I want my business to be efficient without sacrificing quality. You will know on day one the exact cost, and you’ll have a neighborhood attorney at your back for the rest of your life.
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