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SPECIALIZED EXPERTISE If you've been injured in an accident, you need the right type of doctor to treat your specific injury. You wouldn't want even the best general practitioner performing surgery for a herniated disc. You should insist on the same kind of specialized expertise in the lawyer you choose. AT TURGEON & ASSOCIATES WE BELIEVE IN DOING ONE THING AND DOING IT VERY WELL. The law is simply too vast and ever-changing for any lawyer to master more than a few specific areas. That's why we don't do real estate, family law, bankruptcy, corporate law, commercial collections, wills, estate planning, criminal defense, or any other type of law. PERSONAL INJURY LAW IS ALL WE DO. Even beyond that, each of our lawyers concentrates his practice in only a few specific areas of personal injury law. Rob Gabler, for example, concentrates in medical negligence and premises liability cases. Dave Bander concentrates in product liability and Social Security Disability cases. And Roger Turgeon concentrates in general liability cases such as auto accidents and unsafe premises. So no matter what type of personal injury case you have, we have a lawyer whose specialized experience exactly matches your needs. PERSONAL ATTENTION At Turgeon & Associates, we pride ourselves on providing truly personal expert service. That's why one lawyer will take charge of your case from beginning to end. You will always be able to talk directly with your lawyer from the initial telephone call until your case is totally resolved. In the interest of "efficiency", too many law firms, especially larger firms, rely on paralegals, secretaries, "claims handlers", and other assistants to handle the vast bulk of the work on your case, including the critical initial consultation and settlement negotiations with the opposing insurance company; a lawyer only really gets involved in your case if it doesn't settle and has to go into litigation!! That's not the case at Turgeon & Associates.
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