Claiming Compensation for a Work Place Personal Injury

By | April 19, 2017

Taking time off work to help you recover from injuries suffered at your place of work can be a difficult time, and not for the reasons you’d think. Taking time off work to recover can in the longer term cause your monthly income to be reduced. This then causes money worries and the stress that then follows because of a shortfall in income. So, being able to claim for your suffering and pain due to your accident at work is a great way of easing that worry.

What Type of Compensation Plans Available

In the United States, it is required by most of the states that employees are covered by some sort of work place insurance paid for by their respective employers, this is also the case in the UK, and other European countries.

This however, is not a safety net for all workers, since these kinds of insurances won’t cover subcontractors and those who are self-employed. Whereas, an employee can expect full pay when recovering from an accident, to have their medical bills paid for in full, to receive rehab if required and to also receive a hefty pay out in compensation, subcontractors and the self-employed cannot.

Can I Sue My Employer?

This is usually not the case if you are living in the states, however it is possible for workers in the United Kingdom & Europe. There is recourse for those in the States if the cause of the accident was nothing to do with the employer and can be attributed to the manufacturer of an appliance or piece of equipment that caused the injury.

In these cases, by winning the legal case against the manufacturer, they would be liable for the costs of all medical bills including reasonable compensation to the individual and monies for time off work and loss of income.

Safety in the Workplace & Reporting a problem

Under the OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Act) Employers are required to safely store any hazardous materials, fully train employees in safety procedures & to put in place a policy for safe working practice. When an employee feels the need to report a repeated and recurring problem that has already been highlighted by the workforce, they can expect to be completely protected from any kind of retaliation from their employers.

Where can a Personal Injury Lawyer benefit you?

Getting free advice on an accident that has been suffered in the workplace is a no brainer. There is no reason not to get this free legal advice. Even if the advice is that there is nothing in which they can work with, nothing is lost apart from an hour of your time. In most cases a personal injury lawyer will look hard to find ways in which they can develop a credible case in order to successfully carry out a prosecution. If you are interested in seeing what kind of compensation your injury would produce it is worth taking the time to visit a lawyers site with a Claims Calculator embedded on the page. These kind of sites help to give a ball park figure on what can be expected to be received from a successful prosecution.

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