Accessing Corporate Law Forms Online to Incorporate your Business

By | May 9, 2008

If you are preparing to open a stock corporation, you must complete and file Articles of Incorporation or a Certificate of Incorporation, depending on your state. These are the documents that once approved by your state, result in your business’ incorporation.

Articles of Incorporation contain basic information and facts about your business that are required for registering your corporation, such as who the owners are, the corporation’s address, and the nature and name of the corporation.

You can hire an attorney to fill out and submit the forms you need to file to become incorporated, but it is not necessary. A less costly alternative is to obtain the corporate law forms you need online, and then complete and file them yourself. You can also obtain other incorporation documents you may need online such as Bylaws. Stock purchase agreements, your stock ledger and other corporate law forms are also available at affordable rates online.

It is far less complicated to fill out and file incorporation documents than most people imagine. You can obtain the appropriate documents for your state, examine samples of completed corporate law forms if you like, and then fill out your forms.

After completion, simply send the incorporation documents to the appropriate agency in your state along with their fee. Once you receive notification of acceptance by the state, your business is incorporated.

Filing corporate law forms is the same whether you chose to complete your corporate law forms yourself, or pay an attorney to assist you. Nearly all businesses find they have all of the information they need to complete their incorporation forms on hand in their business plan.

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