Does Working in a Certain Professions Increase Your Divorce Likelihood?

By | July 27, 2016

There are many different studies out there discussing the elements of your marriage that could contribute to a higher divorce rate, but one of the most recent studies shows that the career path you have chosen may have an influence, as well.

Are you thinking about a divorce in Florida? Your career may be a pressure point, but there are numerous reasons why couples decide to terminate the marriage. Speaking with a Florida divorce attorney may help you sort out your next steps.

A successful marriage, of course, has many different elements involved. Realistic expectations, clear lines of communication, a strong emotional or friendship bond, and a great deal of trust are all essential to a successful marriage.

Research Says that Your Job Matters

A United Kingdom dating site has studied the relationship between divorce rates and various professional fields. It turns out that what you or your spouse do for a living could indicate a higher chance of a marriage breakdown.

This may not come as a surprise to individuals married to someone in a high-stress work environment, as the impacts of working there can trickle down into home life, too. This is not the first study to draw the connection between careers and divorce.

Even though the study didn’t provide a deep level of information about why certain professions are more likely to lead to divorce, it’s believed that any professions that have longer work days or schedules that shift often can put a great deal of strain on your relationship.

Ultimately being tied up with a job and not being able to plan ahead makes it more difficult to spend time with your partner.

What Professions Are Most Likely to Cause Divorce?

Even if you are able to make time for your marriage, if your job makes you drained or aggravated on a regular basis, the emotional attention and energy needed to support a marriage may not be there.

Over time, this kind of pressure can erode the bond and communication essential for a working marriage.

The professionals with the highest divorce rates in this study included:



•Home health aides

•Telephone operators



•Factory workers


•Massage therapists


•Gaming service workers

How Does a Work Schedule Impact a Marriage? 

If you and your spouse are currently being challenged by a work schedule for one or both of you that is not conducive to time together or the emotional support necessary to sustain your marriage, there are many different avenues you could pursue in order to change this.

For example, perhaps you could try couple’s counseling or determine whether one or both of you could obtain new employment.

If you feel as though you are growing apart, however, and that there is very little chance that you will be able to work things out, it’s important to consult with a divorce attorney.

What Should I Do if I’m Thinking About Divorce?  

An experienced divorce attorney can give you realistic expectations of what the process looks like when you choose to get separated or file for divorce in the state of Florida.

Knowing all of your options and understanding how Florida law looks at issues like child support, spousal support, child custody, and division of property is important for you to know before you move forward with your divorce petition.

If you have made your best effort to work things out with your spouse, but your job or his or her job is getting in the way of your marriage, it may be time to think about alternative options.

An unhappy couple can exacerbate the stress experienced in the workplace, leading to a cycle in which no one feels fulfilled or happy. Make sure you consult with a  divorce attorney as soon as possible after you think about filing for divorce.

Don’t Waste Time! Speak with a Knowledgeable Family Lawyer

Deciding whether or not divorce is right for you is a personal decision, but being able to rely on a solid support system, including your  divorce attorney, can make this difficult process somewhat easier.

You may find that after your family has had some time to heal that divorce was the right decision for everyone involved.

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