Using Internet Business Forms to Protect your Rights

By | May 12, 2008

Do you operate an Internet business? If you buy or sell websites, it is essential that you use the correct legal documents to facilitate your transactions. No matter how small or large your Internet business is or what volume of work you do, Internet business forms are necessary to protect your rights.

One of the most basic Internet business forms you will need is a Domain Name Sales Agreement. This is a document used when ownership of a domain name is transferred. It verifies the date of the sale and the parties involved in the transaction, and also records the domain name being sold.

You may wish to protect yourself further at the time of a domain name purchase or sale with a Domain Name Assignment form. This document guarantees all rights associated with a domain name are transferred at the time of sale. Both buyers and sellers should insist an up-to-date, legally compliant Domain Name Sales Agreement facilitates their domain name transfer.

Do you offer or participate in website affiliate programs as part of your Internet business? If so, you should insist on a Website Affiliate Agreement for every affiliate relationship you establish. This document records the terms involved in affiliate relationships, including the provision of promotional services as well as details regarding commission payments.

In the past, Internet businesses often relied on attorneys to create the legal documents necessary for facilitating business transactions and arrangements. Today, you can save on the high cost of attorney fees by purchasing your Internet business forms online. You can obtain and use forms prepared by attorneys online and feel confident you are complying with today’s laws.

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