Why should I sign a consent form if my child is traveling with relatives or friends?

By | May 13, 2008

At times your child may have the opportunity to take a vacation or trip without you present. However, unexpected problems can always arise, which might require your consent. Let’s say, for example, that your child travels with a friend for school vacation to visit another state. While there, your child falls out of a tree on the family farm and breaks a leg. Naturally, the parents hosting your child will have to take him or her to the emergency room for proper treatment. But, what happens when the hospital finds out they are not the custodial parents?

In this day of lawsuits around every corner, many medical facilities may refuse to provide treatment. Therefore, sending your child away on a vacation with a parental consent form protects everyone involved should the unthinkable occur. The form simply states that you are the custodial parent, your child will be traveling with another named party during specific dates to a predetermined destination, and they have your consent to handle any emergencies during this trip on your behalf. With this form, they may sign medical consents to render emergency treatment and have medication administered. The parental permission form must be notarized and you should always keep a copy at home with you, along with contact numbers where you child is going to be. In this manner, you can have peace of mind while your child enjoys a trip to another relative’s home or a vacation destination without you.

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