Obtaining the Deed you Need for your Real Estate Transaction

By | May 9, 2008

Are you planning on buying or selling real estate soon? The correct deed forms are an essential and important part of any real estate sale. Many individuals involved in personal or private real estate transactions rely on attorneys to prepare the appropriate deed forms, but today buyers and sellers have a much less costly alternative.

You can obtain the exact deed form you need online, then complete it on your own. These are the same up-to-date, accurate and legally binding deeds that attorneys prepare. You can purchase deed forms that have been prepared by attorneys via the Internet at surprisingly low costs.

Several different types of deed forms are used in real estate transactions, but it should not be difficult to determine exactly which type suits your transaction. All deed forms transfer the seller or grantor’s interest in the real estate to the purchaser, but the different types of deeds provide varying levels of protection for the purchaser, or grantee.

The Deed of General Warranty is the type of deed form that is most commonly used, and it is also the most comprehensive in terms of guaranteeing good title. A Limited Warranty Deed, Contract for Deed or Quitclaim Deed are other deed forms that may be appropriate for your transaction.

In addition to selecting the most appropriate type of deed, it is important to use the correct form for your location in your real estate transaction. You can obtain deed forms for every state online through a reputable legal forms resource service.

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