Warning Signs That Your Marriage Could Be On the Road to Divorce

By | July 29, 2016

Many people who have gone through the process of getting divorced in Florida can look back and point to numerous red flags that indicated that things weren’t on a positive trajectory.
Although hindsight is 20/20, there are certainly some warning signs that you need to be on the lookout for if you are concerned about your marriage making it.

Even if you’re not yet sure whether divorce in Florida is right for you, these issues can prompt a deeper level of thought and perhaps even become an important topic for marital counseling for both of you. When the same habits or problems pop up over and over, a spouse may begin to think about his or her next steps.

In the event that you’ve already made the decision to separate or divorce from your current spouse, you need to speak to a Tampa divorce lawyer  as soon as possible.

There are many complex issues involved in ending your marriage and Florida law governs how these key issues like division of assets, spousal support, child custody and child support will impact your life for the future.

According to marriage therapists, there are several major signs that your relationship or your marriage is in trouble.

Arguing About the Same Things Over and Over

If you find yourself having circular conversations with your spouse, constantly beginning and ending the fight in the exact same way, this could be a sign that you are stuck in an obstacle and may not be able to overcome it.

If you both walk away from a conversation feeling like you have lost and that you have to consistently defend your position to someone who just doesn’t get it, you may be having communication challenges that are too difficult to overcome.

One or Both of You Frequently Puts Others First

Although working together in a partnership frequently means focusing on others like your children, if one or both of you frequently puts others first every single day, the marriage will pay the price. The outcome of putting your children first too often could be demanding children and resentful and alienated parents.

You Are Unable to Resolve Your Differences When You Do Fight

If the fights have increasingly escalated and you are never able to come to a conclusion at the end of them, you may resent one another and grow apart. You can easily fall into the trap of blaming one another for the problems in your marriage and fail to apologize or compromise with one another. Overall, this means growing apart emotionally and raising the stakes for the next time you fight.

Wanting to Spend Time with Different Groups

If it is challenging to spend time with one another’s friends or families, it becomes more tempting to socialize outside of one another. This might start off in small ways but can escalate to spending hardly any time together. If you begin to notice this trend, it’s a good idea to nip it in the bud if you wish to continue to fight for your marriage.

Trust Issues

If you have ghosts from past relationships that continue to emerge or if you are consistently having disagreements over problems from the past, including cheating or other issues like insecurity, it is unlikely that you will be able to address these fully unless you seek some kind of outside help.

Trust and breakdowns in communication can be some of the most difficult obstacles to work through as a married couple but you both must be committed in order to make this work and in order to eliminate any problems with past trust or insecurity issues.

Consult with an Experienced Tampa Divorce Attorney

If you believe that your marriage has reached the boiling point and that it’s time to consult with a Tampa divorce attorney do not hesitate to get advice as soon as possible.

A lawyer can help prepare you for what to expect and allow you to get the process started as smoothly as possible. A lawyer can help you figure out what you need to know about how divorce is handled by Florida courts.

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