How to market the small firm on the Internet

By | April 1, 2008

This outline is based on the original outline of a seminar given by Bahman Eslamboly on May 12, 1999 at the 18th Annual Legal Tech Conference in Los Angeles. Some of the original sections were taken out and other sections were added or “beefed up”:

Planning Your Site:

  1. Hosting

    1. You will first have to decide what type of hosting you want for your site

    1. Virtual or Dedicated Servers: Do you pick a virtual server or a dedicated server. For a small site that is just getting started a dedicated server may be overkill. These resources lead to both virtual hosts and sites that let you find virtual and dedicated hosts by various criteria:
      1. Imagiware or
      2. ISP Check

      3. Host Search

    2. Free Hosting: Another solution is to get a free hosting solutions that allows you to create a web site for free. You can sometimes get a free page though your ISP. There are also sites that allow you to create free web sites. Here are some examples:

      1. Getting pages through an ISP
        * EarthLink –

      2. Getting free pages through sites that are law relates:
        * findlaw –

      3. Getting free pages through general sites:
        * Geocities –
        * Anglefire –

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