How to market the small firm on the Internet

By | April 1, 2008
  • Name of Site

    1. You must first decide on the name of the site and the domain name you want to use.

      1. Domain Names
        Get your own for portability – i.e.
        * Can look up at Network Solutions WHOIS database –
        Free Names – i.e. or even
        * Geocities

  • Designing the web site

    1. Decide whether you are going to be designing the web site yourself or in-house or if you are going to go to an outside web site designer.

      1. Outside

      2. In-house

        Books that you can find in bookstores are a good source of information on how to design web sites and web pages. Many of these books also come with a disk full of software that you can use to design and program your web-site.

        Internet Resources
        Often you can find great resources that help you design web site right here on the Internet. These sites contain resources that will help you learn how to design and program a web site.
        * WebDeveloper –
        * Web Page Design –

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