How to market the small firm on the Internet

By | April 1, 2008
  • Layout

    1. Decide on the layout of your web site.

      1. Navigation
        keep site consistent – use consistent headers with logo and/or title to remind user that a suite of pages belongs together. Use design for site identity. Make the user interface predictable and consistent.

      2. ID information. Make sure to identify your site and your firm on every page.

  • Content
    You will have to figure out what type of content you are going to provide to your visitors.

    1. Brochure

    2. Information / FAQ

    3. Articles

    4. Research

    5. Firm profile

    6. Giving away for free

    7. can you give people a reason to visit

  • Content DO and DO NOT

    1. DO NOT “borrow” other people contents / design

    2. DO NOT allow broken links / images

    3. DO NOT forget to test your pages and your site. Try to also test them with actual users. It is a very good idea to test your site with all the browsers your audience will use.

    4. DO Keep pages short (and focused)

    5. DO Keep page and image size small

    6. DO Change content and pages often

    7. DO Use a neutral background

    8. DO Explain links

    9. DO Make your pages load quickly and easily

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