How to market the small firm on the Internet

By | April 1, 2008

Promoting your site and getting people to come to your site:

Now that you have built your web site, will “they” come? Not without some web site promotion.

  1. How to do it
    1. In-house vs. Outside: You will again have to decide whether to stay in-house or go to an outside professional (to help you promote your web site)
    2. Do it yourself
      Get a professional service or hire someone / telecommuting
      Companies that do submission
      * PromoteOne –
      * AdResources –
      * WebPromote –
  2. Where to promote
    1. Search engine promotion
      The Big Players
      If you don’t do any other type of promotion for your site, make sure that you at least submit your web site to the major search engines. This is where most of your (search engine) traffic will come from.
      * Alta Vista –
      * Lycos –
      * Excite –;/info/add_url
      * Hotbot –
      * Infoseek –
      * AOL –
      * Yahoo – Really a directory and the submission process is slightly different
      Usually, you will simply need to click on the “Add URL’ or “Add Page” link
      A great resource that explains the ins-and-outs of search engines, is Danny Sullivan’s Search Engine Watch, which has some fascinating and useful information.
    2. Specialized Site Promotion
      You also should promote your legal site through some specialized sites that are law related. These sites range from free to $$$These range from getting a listing to a web site
      * FindLaw –
      * West –
      * Martindale – and (give you page for about $200 / yr)
      * Attorney Find – – Price $100 per category per year
      * FreeAdvice – or – $250/yr plus $100 for each addtl. practice area
      * Lawguru (free) -Attorney Network –
    3. Tools to use to submi
      1. Part automatic and part your work
        * Submit-it – or
        * lawguru –
        * – – A autosubmission service that works on the shareware principle. The site also has some good tips on site submissions. Besides the above search engines, there are a few more general engines you may want to submit to. An excellent list of the top 100 search engines has been compiled by Multimedia Marketing Group.
      2. Software
    4. Link Exchanges

      1. Find sites to exchange links with
        techniques for finding
        search engines
        links to competitors
        * Alta Vista – link:
        * HotBot -select “links to this URL”

    5. Newsgroups

      1. What are newsgroups?

      2. How to get there
        Netscape little button on lower right Read NG
        MSIE does not have built in one
        Check with your ISP

      3. NG Involvement

      4. Monitor and participate

      5. NG promotion

    6. Mailing / Discussion Lists

      1. What are mailing lists?
        net lawyers, webnet, lawyermedia, family law list

      2. how to get there
        listtool – or
        CataList –
        Listz –

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