Six Mobile Apps That Every Lawyer Needs

By | July 14, 2016

Technology can be a game-changer for any profession. This holds true for lawyers, as well, as they can no longer depend on their notepads, dictaphones or sticky notes, which only lead to additional paperwork and documentation. And, there is a possibility of misplacing them. 

Technology enables lawyers with processes like e-discovery and ‘ Shepard citation,’ which can reduce the time required for gathering citation documents and faxing papers. This makes them more efficient when servicing clients, and reduces the number of billable hours.

Even minor activities, like searching for legal terminology, can be tackled by spending a few minutes on the Internet – rather than hours in the library.

The Internet offers a wide array of tools and applications that can be used to fulfill personal and official requirements. Interoperability of these applications allows users to access them on desktops or mobile phones. There are multiple apps that primarily focus on the professional requirements of law practitioners.

Here is a list of apps that provide information about federal and state laws that can help lawyers make the most of technology.

1. ABA Journal Magazine

Platforms: Android and iOS

Cost: Free

The American Bar Association started its flagship magazine, called the ABA Journal Magazine, which covers current trends, news, discussions, and opinions of professionals from the legal fraternity.

Published since 1915, the magazine launched its website, and can also be accessed on smartphones and the iPad.

The magazine is one of the most widely read publications among lawyers and legal professionals across the country. It provides detailed analysis by experts on legal topics that can assist lawyers with citation documents, and with presenting a stronger case for their clients.

2. PracticePanther

Platforms: Android and iOS

Cost: Free

Attorneys and law professionals can get overwhelmed by the number of processes and amount of documentation involved when legally representing a client. In such cases, a law practice management application can help them plan their meetings, calls, and court sessions for the day.

There may be instances when spending more time documenting the billing hours for the client might lead to spending more time creating those documents. PracticePanther offers these facilities in an app that can be accessed by professionals on their smartphones.

This app can help you enhance efficiency and reduce overhead costs, such as additional human resources, logistics, and stationery.

3. SCOTUS Blog

Platforms: Android and iOS

Cost: Free

It is essential for law professionals to be informed with the daily proceedings taking place in the Supreme Court of the United States.

The SCOTUS Blog app presents all of the latest updates on the hearings from the Supreme Court. The app also presents fact-based articles, keeping in mind journalistic, legal, and ethical standards. So, tech-savvy law professionals can rely on this app to stay on top of the major legal issues facing the country.
Earlier, it was difficult to gather the latest developments on an ongoing lawsuit. The SCOTUS Blog app can help users base their research from its posts, and keep them updated constantly.

4. Fastcase

Platforms: iOS

Cost: Free

Technologically sound law professionals require advanced legal research services that store information from the National Law Library.

The Fastcase app has incorporated primary laws from all 50 states, along with intensive data on federal law. Users can refer to its collection of cases, regulations, state constitutions, and statutes. So, you can search through the app for newspaper archives and forms, or look up citations.

Citing from a seminal case is an integral part of legal research. This app will help you Shepardize at greater speed, and find the seminal case for your research.

5. iJuror

Platforms: Android and iOS

Cost: $8.14 for Android and $14.99 for iOS

Jurors play a key role in a lawsuit through their judgement in court; hence, it is important that attorneys prepare their strategy based on the jurors.

iJuror is a platform that allows users to record juror information and group responses, assess the importance of responses, and rank jurors based on their responses. It is crucial that attorneys analyze the findings and form a strategy based upon them.

The app offers multiple options to customize your research to filter out the unnecessary details, and consolidate the relevant data. iJuror is widely used by law professionals for local and niche cases. For instance, a New Orleans Personal Injury Lawyer can use this app to create a comprehensive report on the jurors from this region.

6. Black’s Law Dictionary

Platforms: Android and iOS

Cost: $0.81 for Android and $1.99 for iOS

One of the most trusted law dictionaries in the country, Black’s Law Dictionary has been a part of legal programs and studies for decades. The dictionary is used by law students and professionals to get a formal explanation of legal terms and definitions.

The app version of the dictionary provides all of this information instantly. This dictionary is widely considered to hold accurate information, as every term mentioned therein has been reviewed by several attorneys across the country. With the digitization of this book, many attorneys can quickly research a term, when in doubt.

Do Yourself–and Your Clients–a Favor by Embracing Technology 

Technology helps lawyers deal with the challenges related to client outcomes and the legal business. You can save more time by automating/digitizing certain processes, and bill those hours for consulting more clients. Apps, cloud computing, and various software programs can help you move documents and processes online, and move towards becoming a paperless office. This will enhance the efficiency of your client services, and can even lead to reduced company expenses. The above list can be helpful for law practitioners to introduce new technology in their work styles, and become more tech-savvy.

Author Bio

Aaron Z. Ahlquist is Associate with Herman, Herman & Katz, LLC, a law firm based out of New Orleans, LA. He has served his clients in the areas of union and employee-side labor, employment law, complex and commercial litigation, class action and mass tort, etc. As an associate with HH&K, he has been recognized as one of the Top 40 Attorneys under 40 in the State of Louisiana by The National Trial Lawyers Association. 

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