Why is Content Marketing vital for Law Firms?

By | March 28, 2016

More and more companies are aiming to try and succeed online by creating high-quality content that can benefit their search rankings and improve their online performance.

When it comes to law firms, the online boom has seen many companies and firms try and capitalise on the sector and grow their brand and customer base using bespoke legal content. However, with more than 94% of major companies and law firms carrying out some sort of content marketing and content creation, how are law firms supposed to stand out from the crowd and beat their competitor.

With more firms using different types of marketing from similar blogs, more companies are producing the same type of content aimed at the same audience, making it difficult for law firms to truly stand out.

Developing an Online Strategy

Many law firms opt to simply create content and publish on an ad-hoc basis, however, this can be detrimental to online growth and development. Many firms spend a significant amount of time trying to develop high-quality content that is then not exposed to the relevant market using the correct channels.

Google rewards exceptionally high quality content thus it is imperative that your law firm has bespoke legal content that helps it stand out from the crowd. Firms with high-quality content have been shown to have an increase in the levels of inquiries, better online performance and an increase in visitors.

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Stephen Mcilkenny is the digital outreach officer for Curated Media.

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