Definition of ILLINOIS


anization and
jurisdiction. 1. Of its organization. 1st. The judges must be
citizens of the United States; have resided in the state five
years previous to their respective elections; and two years next
preceding their election in the division, circuit, or county in
which they shall respectively be elected; and not be less than
thirty-five years of age at the time of their election. 2d. The
judges are elected each one in a particular district, by the
people.But the legislature may change the mode of election. 3d.
The supreme court consists of a chief justice and three associates,
any two of whom form a quorum; and a concurrence of two of said
judges is necessary to a decision. 4th. They hold their office for
nine years. After the first election, the judges are to draw by
lot, and one is to go out of office in three, one in six, and the
other in nine years. And one judge is to be elected every third
year. 2. Of thejurisdiction of the supreme court. This court has
original jurisdiction in cases relative to the, revenue, in cases
of mandamus, habeas corpus, and in such cases of impeachment as may
be by law directed to be tried before it, and it has appellate
jurisdiction in all other cases.

30. - 2d. Of the circuit courts, their organization and
jurisdiction. 1st. Of their organization. The state is divided
into nine judicial districts, in each of which a circuit judge,
having the same qualifications as the supreme judges, except that
he may be appointed at the age of thirty years, is elected by the
qualified electors, who holds his office for six years and until
his successor shall be commissioned and qualified; but the
legislature may increase the number of circuits. 2d. Of their
jurisdiction. The circuit courts have jurisdiction in all cases at
law and equity, and in all cases of appeals from all inferior

31. - 3d. Of the county courts. There is in each county a court
to be called a county court. It is composed of one judge, elected
by the people, who holds his office for four years. Its
jurisdiction extends to all probate and such other jurisdiction
as the general assembly may confer in civil cases, and in such
criminal eases as may be prescribed by law, when the punishment is
by fine only, not exeeeding one hundred dollars. The county
judge, with such justices of the peace in each county as may be
designated by law, shall hold terms for the transaction of county
business, and shall perform such other duties as the general
assembly shall prescribe; Provided, the general assembly may
require that two justices, to be chosen by the qualified electors
of each county, shall sit with the county judge in all cases; and
there shall be elected, quadrennially, in each county, a clerk of
the county court, who shall be ex officio recorder, whose
compensation shall be fees; Provided, the general assembly may,
by law, make the clerk of the circuit court ex officio recorder, in
lieu of the county clerk.

32. - 4th. Of justices of the peace. There shall be elected in
each county in this state, in such districts as the general
assembly may direct, by the qualified electors thereof, a competent
number of justices of the peace, who shall hold their offices for
the term of four years, and until their successors shall have been
elected and qualified, and who shall perform such duties, receive
such compensation, and exercise such jurisdiction as may be
prescribed by law.

Source: Bouviers Law Dictionary 1856 Edition