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Harassment at work! Please Help!

I began working for a Company in Michigan about 3 months ago. from day one i was faced with a co-worker that has a very insinuative nature, he kept asking me out, asking me if i loved my husband telling me that we should go out that we should be married, telling me that he knew that i had to be good in bed etc.

From day one i told him that i was a happily married woman and that this behaviour was not welcome. He took no notice of me a continued. He would even do all of this in front our our direct manager, who would take no action to prevent or end this behaviour.

About a month ago i Finlay made a complaint to my manager and asked him to say something to my co-worker as the situation was becoming ridiculous. My manager told me that the guy was crazy and not to take any notice of him.

The comments and sexual slurs stopped but from that day on things began to get very hostile at work. I felt watched like everyone was waiting for me to do something wrong.

Finlay I resigned because it was playing havoc with my nerves.

The other thing is that every morning when i walked in to work i would find some kind of porn page up on my work screen. I also complained about this and nothing was ever done about it.

I sent my resignation letter to the HR manager, who proceeded to call me 5 minutes later, apologizing and telling me that she knew nothing of this. She works at a different location, about 250 miles away. In fact i am the only female employee at my location.

She asked me to reconsider my resignation and told me that she would be conducting an investigation.

The next day she called again and her tone had changed. she left a message in my voice mail. Telling me that she would be driving down to our division on Monday and that she would like to me with me my direct manager (the guy that was present through al lot of the comments, and did nothing to prevent them) and there insurance guy.

I respond via email, telling her that i did not think that i would be comfortable having my direct manager present, but that i was willing to meet with her and the insurance guy.

She responded via email insisting that my direct manager be present! I don't quit know what to do or how to handle this and would be very appreciative of any advice anyone might give me.

Asked on 6/16/12, 9:25 am

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William Morrison Action Defense Center

If you ever intend to successfully assert your rights in any future actions you may take against this employer (who, to date, has handled this matter very poorly), you should attend the meeting.

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Answered on 6/16/12, 11:43 am

Timothy Klisz Klisz Law Office, PLLC

You need to consult with a skilled employment lawyer ASAP! This may be a super good sexual harassment/ retaliation case, but quitting is very bad!!! Please call me anytime at (313)402-0853 or online at

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Answered on 6/16/12, 12:07 pm

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