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I was reported to police due to minor assault. (24/03/2017)

I was at a pub with bunch of friend and one of them (which I do not know well) sexually harassed (verbally) me and my girlfriend, where we both have traumatic memories regarding those kind of talks). So I got so angry and chocked him for literally 3 seconds, and he had few minor marks (red lines) which would disappear in a day or two.

He claimed at the police that I have issues with my temper and I must be regarded as a mentally disabled man who needs a care. Additionally, he claimed some lies like he has been almost killed, and his neck still hurts and so on. However, the witnesses have told the police that what he claimed were lies, and explained what happened in the incident. I had a detention in a prison for 6 hours, and now i will need to go to a court in a month.

Will i be decided guilty / fined or anything like that?

I do feel sorry to him that I responded physically, but I really do think that I was a fair thing as he sexually insulted me and my girlfriend.

Asked on 3/27/17, 7:28 am

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Dear Client,

I think it is good that you feel sorry for him and that you physically abused this man. Yes, I believe you, he is exaggerating and lying a little. Honestly, sir, what you need is to find a very good barrister/solicitor and/or public defender through the British court systems in order to help defend you during your trial.

The worst that you would be looking at in terms of sentencing would be a maximum of six months in jail. The problem that would occur is that then you would have a criminal record and you can only expunge this record from your government file within a three-year timeframe post a prison sentence and this would be at the discretion of a judge depending on your good behaviour after prison and probation. You would also receive at least six months of probationary time after the prison sentence.

Honestly sir, most likely you would be convicted of this crime. If a judge can hear from a good defense lawyer your side of the story, you may be able to receive a discharge and then you would not receive a criminal record. This is the best case scenario.

Please in future, see this situation as a learning lesson. I understand why you assaulted the man, however, at the time you felt to do this is exactly the time when you should have called 9-11 and/or a police department. Learn this in future. If you had done that, you would not be in this situation now. It would be the other man who would be prosecuted.

You should use a strong legal defense of self-defense during the trial.

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Answered on 3/28/17, 4:04 am

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