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I want to know more in detailed relates to all points of my question like in this type of marriage can I marry with other ? without divorce & how can I getting declare my marriage NULL, very soon & in this such a totally fraud & forceful marriage can I get my expended money 100% back? the local police didn't want to file the another case or have no interest to include all the sections like 420,hiding facts,rape,emotional blackmailing & under pressure through the Supplementary Challan or any other possible way.The S.P.of Ratlam city says that 420 can not be file here it only file in Money Matters only .Although the Home Minister of M.P. also forward my papers but they ignore it .

So can I investigated my case to C.B.I.? to request to C.M. of M.P. or on the FIRST Peshi of 498a which is on 11/07/2013 can I request through written documents to Judge sir for including all necessary sections ? Please describe.

Before the filing 498a the police always says file the case at Rajasthan but Ratlam city C.S.P. shri Tarnekar said to T. I. to file here because the marriage was from here & all the incidence took place here.but T. I.told that I file the case only at 'ZERO' & transfer it to Rajasthan State ,then CSP & Subhan ji Abbasi from Delhi told him to file this way they waste my 02 years & also the Ratlam police Change the Challan which was guided by the Govt. APP ,she herself told to me this ,after taking the money from second party & having a strong setting to the second party's LAWYER they take time so long to present the challan in the COURT three times they extend the date of Challan to presenting in the Court and Ratlam police take money from sec. Party for bell of his father,mother& sister.Only Bhuvanesh get bell from High court & when he come out he planned with my neighbour to give me poison in SAI Bhagwan's Laddoo & also planned to murder me ,in the Prison with former boy of our colony who was also in the prison with him in some case.

All this incidence I describe to police but they don't take it seriously & also don't take a action against him.

So all this above situation , I am losing my HOPE that I can never get a FAIR JUDGEMENT ,there is no desire is left in my heart to go on peshi for only this FORMAL Case like 498a, I want to including all sections of my case due to facts ,seriousness & importance of the case any how.How it could be possible recent? please give me suggestions in detail to covering all matter of case which I described above & before. I don't want to waste my time more & I want to free to him very soon as next in 2,3 months because the local police all ready waste my time so long & yet not file the case properly.

I also want that my Case handle at FAST TRACK COURT how can it possible please guide.

With regards,

Thanks a lot

Asked on 7/07/13, 6:39 am

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Dear client can u call me on 9422611385 so we can discuss it in detail.


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Answered on 7/07/13, 6:42 am

Sudershan Goel Sudershan Goel - Advocate, International Visiting Scholar, USA [2008-10]

Unless divorce takes place or the first marriage is declared null and void, a second marriage will not be valid.

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Answered on 7/07/13, 7:45 am
Lovkesh Gupta Advocate And Lawyer In Jalandhar.

no one can solemnize 2nd marriage before getting divorce from first marriage

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Answered on 7/07/13, 7:47 am

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