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My family immigrated the the U.S. from Brazil in 1970 when I was 4 years old.In 1993 I was convicted of "Possession of Counterfeit Plates"I pleaded guilty and received a 30 month sentence in a Federal Corrections Institute.Before I was released I had an "Immigration Hold" put on me until I was interviewed by two Immigration officers they asked me several questions and left.Three months later the hold was lifted and I was released after serving 24 months.I was not deported and applied for a new green card and received it 6 months later.I did let immigration know that I was a convicted felon on my green card application.I was never again in trouble with the law.

In 2007 I accompanied my mother,a retired U.S. citizen,to Brazil where she retired to.Because she was not well and had a long trip ahead of her I went along to make sure she would be okay.A few days before the trip I lost my wallet with my green card in it,since the tickets for the trip were already bought and paid for I got entry papers from the Brazilian Consulate to enter Brazil and then I could apply for a new green card with the American Consulate in San Paulo to return to the U.S. since I had no ID I had to get Brazilian ID in order to get a passport and other forms of ID in order for me to get a green Card.Well,by the time I got all my ID I had gone "Out of Status" and was told by the American Consulate in San Paulo that I would have to start my immigration process from scratch in order to go back to the U.S.

So now I have been stuck in Brazil for 6 years and Spent a lot of money on a lawyer who didn't really help.I have done a lot of research on my situation and still don't have a clear answer.I am currently saving up to hire a good lawyer but before I do I would like to know:

1) What are my chances of being denied a green card because of my conviction,which is almost 20 years old ?

2)If I am denied,what remedy(s) do I have, if any.?

3)can I file a I-60 waiver if denied and can I file one without having to prove "extreme hardship"

Both of parents are U.S. Citizens.

Thank you very much

Asked on 11/12/13, 8:33 am

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I do not understand in first place why you did not had filed for Citizenship instead of green card because of your US parents.

Did you file a police report about it?

Did you the USCIS at the time?

Why was told to you Ųut of status"?

call and the go to the USCIS website and go to the link for renew and lost Green Card. also. good luck to you.

Espero que dÍ certo para vocÍ, qualquer coisa entre em contato.

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Answered on 11/12/13, 11:41 am

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