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The District court where my husband has petitioned for divorce we had our first hearing on 25-02-2014, The judge sent us for mediation in court itself , where an elderly man was seated, as my husband had initiated for divorce , he asked my husband to tell the problem first , so mu husband told his side of story where 70% was a lie in it , he said i forced my husband to marry saying if he doesn’t marry i will sleep with other man( as it was luv marriage) i was smiling while he was lying which irritated the counselor , he warned me but what do i do he my husband lied saying i poured curry and food on my head if my husband says no for second round of food, i eat like princess for half an hour and he eats food in ten mins, i do not allow him to switch on fan , etc i call him hundred times, I visit his home once in 2 months all these were lie. But I would like to know how the mediation center works in India (RR District Court Hyderabad) as the counselor was little impatience. I really want the marriage work; I need court to grant me a chance to repair my marriage. My husband had provoked me a lot just so he has a proof that I am abusive about caste or his family he made me a victim and recorded whenever I got angry and I shouted/Abused on him badly, now he keeps all those video and call recording and says that he can get over the divorce very easily….i either have very few proof that he too was very abusive and also physically abused me and also the proofs either I had he destroyed before leaving me , But he is not understanding how he is spoiling lives and playing with my feelings. WHAT DO I DO TO GET A CHANCE FROM COURT TO SAVE MY MARRIAGE, though my husband is adamant about it just for his family? Though am ready to adjust in his home, family, and be as he wants to keep me.WHATS THE OUCOME OF COURT MEDIATION, HOW MANY COUNCELLING THEY CONDUCT. AS I FEEL THE MEDIATOR SHOULD TAKE INTEREST PERSONALLY ONLY THEN HE/SHE WILL BE ABLE TO MAKE PEOPLE ONE AND COMPRMISE WHICH I DINT FEEL IT THERE IN COURT WHEN I WENT.

Please anyone suggest

Asked on 2/27/14, 1:39 am

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Santosh Goswami,Advocate sure shot legal

His role is to facilitate talk between u. Both of u have to decide whether u want to compromise or contest. In ur case, if your husband is adamant, mediation will fail and court will proceed on merit. In that case you have to win the case. If u need any help on the merit of the case, u may call me.


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Answered on 2/27/14, 2:20 am

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