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Adultery/Order of Protection/Suponeas?

Divorce in process.Spouse filed Order of Protection for Domestic violence.Never served.Went to public records to see what charges were brought against me.They are False allegations.Went to court for 1st hearing last week and was served then by sheriff.I dont understand the laws!Took a litigation class to help prepare myself for court but info over whelming.Unable to see child 7 mos. now. Court in a few days for order of protection charge issue only.Have witnesses if needed on my behalf.Can I serve order of protection to father of spouses unborn child through her attorney since her address is protected?I was served for untrue statements.Boyfriend should be more of a concern for that in harms way being around my daughter.He could be violent but only know him by brief phone call.I'm representing myself and not a very good speaker.Cant really afford an attorney although wife wants me to pay hers within 60 days.I payed for divorce costs.In court judge asked how long we were married. Arent we still?What are my legal rights? Was threatened on phone day spouse was served? Spouse has committed adultery.That isnt considered a crime? Can I fILE for that and what form? Video of wife showing child abuse.Will use in court. Can I get HELP still?

Asked on 6/23/04, 10:33 am

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Rich Peters R. J. Peters & Assoc., P.C.

Re: Adultery/Order of Protection/Suponeas?

I'm not sure I can help you, because I may have been one of the presenters at the class. Sorry to have overwhelmed you.

You truly have asked far more questions than I can answer in great detail by e'mail.

1. If your spouse has an attorney, you can serve the attorney with the Order for Hearing.

2. Yes, you are still married. Judge meant how long have you been married prior to filing.

3. Adultery is not something that the Court is going to care about, because Arizona is a "no-fault" state.

Why don't you call me, and we can talk about scheduling a 1 or 2 hour consultation to get you ready for your upcoming hearings.

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Answered on 6/23/04, 10:49 am

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