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In 1994 I was convicted in Federal court for conspiracy to commit credit card fraud. I believe for several reasons it was a wrongful conviction. I have two basic questions.

Is it possible to overturn a federal conviction, if I can prove it was complete entrapment between my co defendant and a secret service agent, who had arrested my co defendant a month earlier for something. He made a deal with them to get them a bunch of arrests for a lessor sentence. And in my case they both conspired , I never agreed or discussed any of it, They came to me and claimed they new how. I only agreed to listen to this guy I never discussed money or doing anything with the numbers I had legal access to from my work.

There is a lot more to it but i didnt want get to into it.

My second question,

My 2nd amendment rights, my ability to run, even for local office, have all been taken away.

My question is my rights under the Constitution, which were endowed by my creator not government, especially the 2nd which isn't even close to ambiguous clearly stating shall not be infringed period. Have been usurped and surreptitiously denied me without amending the Constitution for a non actionable act they called a felony. Which not only never happened ( the was no actual use of the numbers, no victim no actual crime. )

So not only did I never actually do anything, but even if I had discussed using them

how can they simply say my god given right to bear arms which shall not be infringed be nullified without even due process and an amendment process.

This may sound silly but I should be able to go to court with the Constitution in hand, (the law of the land they have all sworn an oath to uphold,) And ask the judge if he got permission from God to steal my endowments

They didnt even do it Constitutionally so how has this been allowed or legal?

Asked on 8/11/21, 12:22 am

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Kelvin Green The Law Office of Kelvin Green

I’d say it is nearly impossible to overturn a conviction that is 27 years old. The time to appeal or address these issues was nearly three decades ago.

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Answered on 8/11/21, 12:41 am

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