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Is there any paperwork I need to request a CONTINUANCE for my formal ARRAIGNMENT to be carried out on a later date? Or do I just show up and ask the judge in person? Can I choose the date or would I be assigned a date? Will I be required to explain why? I need more time to get legal counsel that I can feel more confident and secure with, I am being accused of posession with intent to sale. I have no prior charges this is the first, I was released on O.R. the Fontana P.D. busted down the door of my grandmothers house with what "appeared to be a" mickey moused search warrent and affadavit which it was well after 10:00pm and there was no authorized signature for night time service, nor was the affadavit signed to get the warrant. There were at least ten men all with guns drawn on me my one and two year old baby and my perminently disabeled wheelchair bound grandmother.There were no names of residents nor any specific items noted to be seized. It was totally vegue listing almost EVERYTHING IN THE HOUSE. They took my baby daddy's BROKEN SCALE, said that the candy wrappers on the garage floor was "packaging" for sale of narcatics.. (This was all surprising to me! to say the very least) We were terrafied.. I suffer from PTSD I survived a attempted murder on my life and it took me literally almost five years to be able to just answer the door again, now this happens. Im being accused of selling drugs but they didnt even know what I looked like they just asked if I was "De-dee" which I said no and told them my legal name. is there any chance I can get this case dismissed ? The arresting officer was threatning me with jail if i didnt tell him three names of dealers, I tryed to explain I have PTSD I dont deal with people i avoid people and going out at all cost. Then he said lets take a drive .. understand I am female, i was in a bathroab, I dont know him or these people and now im being forced to drive somewhere with him, i just about puked all over I was having a panic attack, and my blood pressure went so high i heard ringing in my ears. Even after they booked me the next day the nurse mentioned to the sargents there that my bloodpressure was dangerously high. These are just some of the problems leading me to now be faced with acusations of saling drugs, when I dont even like to talk to people? I dont have much money I am a single mother of three boys helping out my disabeled grandmah. How do I obtain descent legal counsel, that I CAN AFFORD? I cant do time I have no one to take care of my two and three year old babys.. I am just sick over this whole situation, or is there anyway i can pay a lawyer to just kinda guide me thru this and ill do all the work? I need resourses most urgently i go to court tomorrow 09/16/15... please any responce would be useful at this point. thank you kindly

Asked on 9/15/15, 11:45 am

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Lyle Johnson Bedi and Johnson Attorneys at Law

If you are unable to afford an attorney the court will appoint an attorney to represent you. The court will allow you time to retain an attorney. The amount of time will be limited to a reasonable time to retain an attorney.

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Answered on 9/15/15, 1:20 pm

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