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I purchased a camera from an employee's brother for a reasonable amount. Two weeks later, on the day I handed in my two week notice, I was held for over 8 hours of questioning regarding the camera and accused of stealing it along with money from registers of the store I worked at. I was suspended pending an investigation into the matter, but because of my two weeks, my employment had an end date regardless. A month later the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. In August, I decided to sue the company for being held, lost wages, and slander. The case was filed and after hearing from my family members that various employees they knew were spreading the word about my being caught red-handed, my attorney filed a cease and desist letter that was delivered end of August/beginning of September. Shortly after, my criminal defense lawyer called saying that the DA had refiled the charges based on "new evidence". The new evidence turned out to be a sworn statement by a subordinate of one of my accusers stating that I had directed her to perform certain tasks regarding money and was banned from handling money or being in the deposit room myself. Blatant lies, as I would've been rendered useless as a supervisor if that were true. Corresponding video of me counting money in the safe was delivered that day. Not of me stealing money but simply counting it on video. To me, a reasonable person would see that evidence coming after a cease and desist letter is to be questioned. Also, that the person giving the statement is a subordinate of one of my accusers. One of my accusers is also an ex-best friend, someone I thought was my best friend all the way up to after my lawyer got the police report saying she was one of my accusers. I lived with this person, spent holidays with this person's family, and my girlfriend was "employed" by this person to babysit her children (for which she was never paid even though that was the agreement). The DA and two assistants of his do not care about the context of the evidence. They simply say "it's your word against their's" as if someone's life isn't on the line here. To top it off, the assistants have lied in court, saying that there was evidence with my employee number on it (not true) and that I was delaying court dates and being unreasonable (not true, as they were the ones who kept pushing dates back). When my lawyer brought this up to their boss, he simply said "people are human and make mistakes". Very cavalier about the whole thing! It seems that the DA office in my city is in the business of personal vendettas on behalf of malicious citizens and not justice. Is there someone I can go to? A hire up to plead my case?? I cannot afford to go to trial and I shouldn't have to based on the evidence that the DA's office is not giving full thought to.

Asked on 10/24/13, 3:46 pm

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If you can't afford a private attorney to represent you in a criminal trial, you should ask the court to appoint the public defender to represent you.

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Answered on 10/24/13, 4:59 pm

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