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Provisions for school.

Im in 8th grade with around 6 classes,our classes require basically a notebook for each class,which along with other things adds up to alot of money,are my parents required to purchase all this stuff,or should this be provided by the school?Another question,I didn't have a notebook for one of my classes and the teacher lowered my grade from an A to a B is this legal?

Asked on 9/29/06, 11:18 pm

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Re: Provisions for school.


First, I am pleased to respond to you. I congratulate you for your desire to have things "right" and for looking for a way to obtain answers as you have done.

Second, As the economics of education change as time goes on, schools have less and less to provide to the students due to budgetary restrictions. Some teachers have even purchased materials out of their own pockets.

With respect to your parents "having to purchase" supplies, if that is an economic burden, I'm sure there are provisions through the administrative office, for students whose families are having difficult times, to obtain suplies that are donated. You can look into this discreetly for your parents.

Regarding the teacher giving you a B instead of an A solely because you did not have a notebook, if that could be proved, it would be improper. If you think that that can be proven, going to the Vice Prinicipal or writing a letter to the Board of Education or similar entity would be your next step.

Probably, you cannot prove it. Also, since 8th grade cumulative records really will not have an effect upon college entrance, although your "rights" may have been stepped on, you need to appreciate the following lesson: Choose your battles wisely--winning a given battle does not mean the war is also won. This is something that you can also discuss at length with your school counselor and obtain some insight that way.

Should you have a "case" against he teacher, NO. Do you have a very small modest and tiny discrimination case, maybe.

I think that you should use that obvious high intellect for more constructive things and use this event as a life lesson, not everyone you meet is nice nor as smart as you!

I hope this has been helpful.


Mark Geyer

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Answered on 10/03/06, 3:12 pm

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