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I am a Father and I have had my two kids(ages 6 and 3) full legal and physical custody for almost a year until they recently got detained by the state.I was vested with sole legal/physical custody due to a CPS investigation.Through out the past year there were numerous CPS reports of physical abuse/neglect made on the mother.None of those reports were made by me or my family.For the past years before the mother and I have mutually stipulated to 50/50 legal and physical custody up until my daughter started telling of many incidents of being left alone,hit by her mother,etc.Once I started to address there mother about what our daughter was stating she denied it and then immediately started custody proceedings what she asked for was full/legal and that I see our children four days a time passed there mother started doing drugs and living with a drug dealer. As time passed our daughter one night disclosed how she was sexually molested by her mothers boyfriend.A detective of 20+ years had substantiated the allegations then proceeded to take the case to the D.A. unfortunately due to the lack of physical evidence the D.A. could not prosecute. After a month our daughter reported yet another incident of sexual abuse I followed legal proceedings again.Through out the time the boyfriend had an attorney at which of all of this I did not. At the second police interview my daughter told me that the mothers boyfriend was there despite the second temporary restraining order I had filed. I filled out a restraining order violation report.Upon that time I filed the report our daughter had told the detective that she was lieing and her parents knew she was.That is when i was arrested on a misdemeanor charge for filing a false TRO violation report.The charges were never filed due to the fact that our daughter later disclosed that she had been indeed lieing for her mother.That her mother had threatened and intimidated her.By this time though our two children were in state custody in the foster care system. As of December our kids were thrown back to the harmful environment to which i have been trying protect our children from.The state superseded the family law order and gave full custody of our children to the mother.I have not seen nor heard from my children since then.My court appointed dependency lawyer did nothing but work in collusion with the other attorneys.After a deep investigation of me they knew that I had been telling the Truth all that time.Then after giving custody of our children to there mother mysteriously that court threw our kids completely out of state custody and back into family court only after two months. Of course I appealed there ruling. A date which has not been set yet. There is so much evidence that shows I had been telling the truth but yet it was covered up by incorrect report after incorrect report on behalf of LA county D.C.F.S/dependency court. There is so much evidence that clearly illustrates how much the mother had lied on the police reports/cps referral reports.Obviously I need an attorney who can give this case 100%.I need to know what type of questions do i ask in searching for a potential representation? I am looking for a family/dependency attorney.The case is going to involve a lot of work. What probe questions do i ask in order to see if this attorney will do there absolute best not just push papers or give me a couple of meetings and communicate with me via email etc..I have heard a lot of horror stories in regards to bad representation and then I have heard a lot of good stories as well.

Asked on 12/29/09, 2:50 pm

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I would be happy to lend my assistance to your case. 20 years experience in Family Court and Juvenile Court. Contact me directly.

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Answered on 1/05/10, 12:12 pm

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