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I am marrying my boyfriend from Antayla Turkey, I am a natural born citizen of the USA. What do I need to do to get him here in California, so that we can marry and start or life together?

Asked on 8/11/09, 1:04 am

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You can prepare a K-1 fiance pet,ition to be filed in the U.S., assuming that you have proof of your relationship over the last few years. Once the USCIS approves, then your fiance would have to wait for the interview in Turkey. This process can take anywhere from 5 mo.-12 mo... Or, you could decide to get married in Turkey, and then file an visa petition for him in the US with USCIS (wait time is 4-6 months). Once it is approved, you would have to wait another 5 months for the interview. I would be happy to assist you in this process to prepare either of the packages necessary to proceed. You can contact me at 415-387-1364 or [email protected]

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Answered on 8/11/09, 1:10 am
Luba Smal Smal Immigration Law Office

Are you going to marry him in Turkey or USA?

Is he abroad?

If you plan to marry in Turkey. As the first step, after the marriage, you will petition for his permanent residency. If he is abroad, you will return to USA to file the petition and he will wait in Turkey until it's approved and he can apply for a visa at the US embassy.

If you want to marry him in USA so all your family can attend the wedding, then you shall file a Fiance visa petition, and when approved he will apply for a Fiance visa at the US embassy in Turkey. You will have to marry within 90 days of his arrival in USA, and apply for his permanent residency in USA (green card).

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Answered on 8/11/09, 1:11 am
Michael Cho Law Offices of Michael Cho

You have the option of the K-1 fiancee visa or the K-3 spouse visa (if you marry him in Turkey).

My legal fee is $950 for either service and you may have detailed information here:

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Answered on 8/11/09, 1:58 am
Ellaine Loreto Law Offices of Ellaine Loreto


Congratulations on your plans to get married!

If you plan to marry in Turkey, then you can either petition him as a K-3 (spouse) temporary visa and then once he's in the U.S., petition him for his green card, or you can petition him for his green card directly.

If you marry him in the U.S., then you can petition him for a K-1 (fiance) temporary visa and then once he's in the U.S., you must marry within 90 days. After you are married, you can then petition him for his green card.

Which route you take depends on how fast you want him to be in the U.S. and how much you may be able to spend for the applications. The processing times for a K-1 or K-3 temporary visa is approximately 6 months, so he can be in the U.S. within that time frame. However, you will be spending extra money to file those temporary visas first, since ultimately you will have to file his green card petitions anyway. If you want to wait and sponsor him directly for his green card, the processing can take up to 1 year (sometimes more), depending on the processing times and backlog of Turkey's consulate.

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Answered on 8/11/09, 2:38 pm

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