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I met this guy online and we just decide to go for a snack and drink a little since it's halloween

and he offered to pick me up (which same event has happened in the past), so naturally he would drop me off (assuming this is pretty average)

we went to this restaurant a head to eat a bit before my friends joins us

and during the time at the place we were okay, everyone was eating and having fun

then when it was time to go home, i paid for the table and we went home

he asked me if i can go to his place, (of course we all know where that's going to end up any how), and i declined

but he still set his gps to his house (which thank god it was also the same direction of going to my house as well before it's too late ...i drank a bit so i wasn't completely quick minded) and later while we were driving a bit back i noticed that he was driving us to his place which i have refused

so i asked him nicely to drive me home several time before my tone sounded stern and a bit upset.

he eventually got off the freeway and headed my house but during those time he still try to make u-turns to go back to his place

so i grabbed the steering wheel and directed at the direction of my house ( we were on the side road at this time and driving slow it was also red light)

eventually we got to my house (beforehand i had my backpack in his trunk because the bay area is a bit crazy with car break ins), so i asked his to open then drunk to let me get my belonging

so i can go home

but he refused to open the trunk, and refuse to give me my bag unless i let him kiss me, which i declined as well, so at this point i'm very tired and impatient, i tried to grab his keys but failed to do so, we just sat there for a min. he told me to get off the car so he'll open the trunk (which i didn't really believe him) and we sat there a bit more, eventually he unlocked the trunk so i got off and was going to get my stuff, but then he locked it again (with passenger door open still) and was attempting to drive away, so i grab on the car on my side to tell him to stop (at this point i'm very frustrated) but because he stepped on the gas the door slammed on my hand and drove away

so i called him, asking him to drive back to give me my bag, and he drove back was joking saying he's still there at that spot that he was "only making a u-turn" (which was not needed because the way of my neighborhood is a loop so you can get out to the regular street any direction), and so i walked back to that place he saw me and threw my bag on the floor and drove away while i was walking back he hoked two times in some attempt of mockery

know i don't have a case, but i'm here only for advices

my question: is he liable for my hand and such injuries, even if it's not fractured

my friend told me i should go to the police, but i don't really want to if there's nothing to be done or it's such a small problem you know?

Asked on 11/02/21, 1:18 am

1 Answer from Attorneys

He is absolutely liable for your injuries, as well as false imprisonment and vehicular assault. Even without significant out of pocket damages, you could recover punitive damages. The question, though, is whether the guy has any money to pay a judgment.

In any case, though, you need to call the police about this. The guy is a predator and his next "date" might not get away. He needs to be stopped.

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Answered on 11/03/21, 8:52 am

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