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Haven't fild for over 10 years

I'm in deep sh___t, HELP Please I havent filed a tax return for about 12 years, the IRS has sent notices but I have ignored them some I've read most I just throw away hopeing they would all just go away. Well it only keeps getting worse. They say I owe approximently $43,000 to the feds and around $18,000 to the state of CA. If I work my employer has to send all but $35.00 per day to the IRS. Being self employed I have a lot I can deduct but I havent saved recipts. I just don't know where to start to clear this up I certantly don't have the money to pay what they want and barely have enough to pay monthly bills. What would a lawyer cost and are there any that would take payments and is there any possibilty of getting these past taxes to be charged off due to unabilty to pay? Can I go to Prision for this? I never defrauded the IRS I just never filed. Thank you for your time

Asked on 3/28/04, 4:54 am

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Re: Haven't fild for over 10 years

In my practice, I have worked with many people in your situation.

Although the IRS will not send you to jail for non-filing, they probably have assessed taxes for the years in question based on 1099s that were reported, and other information that may be available to them.

Based on their assessments, they will then start trying to collect the taxes that they assert are owed. This could be by wage-garnishment (which you mentioned in your question), levy and seizure action against bank accounts, automobiles, and other property.

The most important step to take at this point is to start working with someone who can slow down the collection process, giving you a chance to file the returns and lower your tax liability.

After the returns have been filed, and you have a final figure to work with, then you can see what your options are in terms of an installment plan or an offer-in-compromise (negotiating a settlement amount).

Most attorneys will charge you by the hour to perform this kind of work.

I am available for consultation if you would like to discuss your tax matter further.

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Answered on 3/28/04, 4:23 pm
Joel Selik

Re: Haven't fild for over 10 years

Your problem can be remedied, see a good tax attorney at soon as possible. You can attempt either a payment plan, or, if you qualify an Offer In Compromise. If you need the names of attorneys in your area, please telephone me.

Joel Selik

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Answered on 3/28/04, 8:35 am
Karen J. Segel Law Offices Of Karen J. Segel

Re: Haven't fild for over 10 years

You are not the first, and won't be be the last, to

not have filed tax returns in 10+ years. Taxes, like

death, will not disappear, even after your demise, and can't be discharged in bankrtuptcy with one exception that can rarely if ever be met. You need a good tax attorney to handle this. Feel free to call my office to discuss. I have tax clients all over the U.S.

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Answered on 3/28/04, 10:28 am
Ken Koenen Koenen & Tokunaga, P.C.

Re: Haven't fild for over 10 years

The IRS will do nothing until you file your tax returns. You must remember that when the IRS assesses you, because you did not file a return, they do not give you most of the deductions that you are entitled to. It could be that, if you file, you may owe NOTHING!

If you do, then the next step after filing the returns would be an offer in compromise and/or a payment installment plan.

Call my office for more information.

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Answered on 3/28/04, 12:28 pm

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