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I live in Florida. I recently have been contacted by a group in Califonia saying I have an 11 year old debt that they are going to take me to court for.

I asked them to verify the debt and was told they couldn't because of HIPA. I contacted the Hospital billing directly and they have no records of it and/or don't keep records that old.

They said they sent a settlement offer but i received nothing.

I am former LEO and something just seems off about this. They have made several comments about me refusing service and dodging the debt. If I owe it I will pay it. However I can't get verification because they are saying they are a legal firm not a collection agency.

Because it is civil I know my options are limited, however from callers with very broken english to them calling my ex wife and current wife instead of me. Something smells fishy.

Like I said If it is legit I would be more than happy to resolve but they are refusing to provide any proof of debt but are making a lot of threats about court.

A "process server" called today and could not understand his poor English. He said they have attempted to physically serve me 3 times yet I work out of my home so I am home most of the day, the likelihood of this being true is nill. He started asking about me writting down numbers and when I said no he said he was going to mark the file as avoid service.

This is starting to get me worked up because i can't get a straight answer and seems more and more like a scam everyday but I would like to avoid an issue and additional aggravation.

Weirdest thing is it is over 11 years old and Florida's Statute of Limitations is 4 years. So not sure if someone is attempting to scam me or if they are attempting to breathe life into an old debt. Although myself and the hospital have no record of it.

What do you think

Asked on 10/01/20, 3:48 pm

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David Slater David P. Slater, Esq.

Scam to me.

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Answered on 10/01/20, 3:51 pm

I agree with Mr. Slater. It sounds like a scam. There have been some recent cybersecurity attacks in the medical industry. I recommend that you block the phone number, not accept future calls trying to collect payment, and don't even speak on the phone to them (even if it's to say not to call again). If it is legitimate, they would have sent you bills and/or will have you served with proper legal pleadings. If you receive any legal papers or mail regarding this, I would encourage you to show them immediately to an attorney in your area.

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Answered on 10/02/20, 5:00 am

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