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I was recently arrested and charged with possesion of marijuana these are the circumstances.

Officer stopped me for "Running a red light" and Asked for Liscence n registration I being owner of a permit informed the officer that "It is 12am and my permit says i can only drive till 10pm" I informed him that although it was past curfew my older cousin and owner of the car was very intoxicated and i had felt my driving was safer than her AT this point the officer claimed to smell "Marijuana" and then asked me in a very interrogative tone if i was "Drunk" we then stepped out of the car and although I DID NOT own the vehicle AND as one on scene officer put it "Shes out of her mind" (refering to my cousin and owner of the car) They proceeded to ask me(NOT OWNER OF CAR) if they could search and if anything they should know about was in there i responded i did not know of anything, They then asked the extremly intoxcicated suspect(my cousin) if they could search, after 10 miniutes or so the officers find "green leafy material" Being that i was the sober person i addmitted my cousin was intoxicated(As i had from the begining) but that i had no clue as to what SHE had in HER car, They then asked her if it was her "Marijuana" to wich she replied she did not know, Due to this statement she made i too was cuffed and thrown into the cruiser, Although after a little sobering up she told the arresting officer it was indeed her weed, the officier replied "Its to late i filled out the paperwork"

Upon entering the jail it was my DUTY to inform the staff of my medical history(ADD,Bi-Polar Disorder,Anxiety and MULTIPLE suicide attempts including an incident in which after being arrested on false pretenses for a crime i did not commit i dove from the second story of the holding area onto my skull which resulted in me being moved to a mental facility)

The medical staff was informed i was NOT on my medication and that just last year i had attempted suicide again by shooting myself in the head with a rifle, All of this though was apperntly irrelevent seeing as how with TOTAL disregared for my saftey and the saftey of those around me i was put into general population in an area WITH A SECOND LEVEL just like the one i dove from and once again for something i did not need to be arrested for.

I am a 20 year old Boy From south florida with two sons and no job i do not find this acceptble and i cannot afford a good lawyer i feel i can get this dropped based on my own observations and study.

Any Advice? I refuse to take this charge and will go to the supreme court if i have to.

Asked on 10/03/13, 12:38 pm

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Craig Epifanio Craig Epifanio, P.A.

Well if you are going to fight this to the point that you will take it to the Supreme Court, then you need to get an attorney. That is the best advice to give at this point. It's not even clear what your exact charge is. Find an attorney in your area, sit down with them and discuss your case in detail so that you can properly fight this.

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Answered on 10/03/13, 3:19 pm

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